Thanksgiving Cheese Board for two with rosemary pumpkin hummus

Thanksgiving might be a little smaller, this year- but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy it fully- whether your crowd is 2 or 12, a cheese board is an easy, interesting and delicious addition to any Thanksgiving table.

Elements of a killer cheese board:

  • Flavor: flavor is number one. A variety of flavors and complementary accompaniments makes a board- sweet, savory, salty, tangy.

  • Shape: considered far less, but just as important, a variety of shapes adds interest to the eye and mouth and makes a board stand out.

  • Texture: similar to shape, a variety of different textures- creamy, crunchy, soft, firm- adds interest.

Essential Charcuterie Board Components: Technically it's not a charcuterie board without, well, charcuterie (cured meats!). Here is what I love to include for an essential charcuterie (or cheese) board: Sweet: fruit (grapes, apples, pears or dried fruit)

Savory: salami, ham, spiced or herbed nuts

Salty: cheese, prosciutto, salted nuts or crackers Creamy: soft/creamy cheeses

Crunchy: roasted nuts, crackers

Tangy: chutney, fruit or vegetable spread Of course, if your board is smaller- you can leave out an element or two, it's totally up to you!

For this board I chose:

Sweet: apples, golden raisins (dried cranberries or cherries would be great here, as well), honey Savory: spiced walnuts Salty: white cheddar cheese (Trader Joe's Unexpected Cheddar) and crackers (Simple Mills almond flour crackers) Creamy: semi-soft sheep's milk cheese Crunchy: nuts and crackers Tangy: rosemary pumpkin hummus (see recipe, below)

I love the sweet-and-savory juxtaposition of this rosemary pumpkin hummus, with a hint of maple, and a burst of fresh rosemary, it's exploding with flavor- and the perfect complement to your Thanksgiving cheese board (or your weekly meal prep).

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