meet kris

hey there friend, I'm Kristin (but you can call me Kris).


Founder of Healthy Balanced Mama, host of the Healthy Balanced Mama Podcast, Culinary Nutritionist, certified intuitive eating counselor, classically trained chef and mama of two spunky little ladies (it would be kind of weird if I wasn't a mom, right?!).


I'm a born-and-raised New Englander, married to a Canadian sailor, former dieter turned balanced eater and unofficial coffee connoisseur. 

There is nothing I love more than helping women (especially moms) ditch diets, create simple routines for less-stressed cooking and find their beautiful balance along the way (except maybe cookie dough ice cream...). But really, I love what I do!

Want to learn more about me?

Favorite food: brick oven pizza

Weirdest job: chef on a tall ship

Favorite TV show: Grey's Anatomy

When I was little I wanted to be: a forensic investigator

Number of tattoos: 8

Coffee Order: grande americano with heavy cream

Let's have some fun...

Your turn! Shoot me a DM on Instagram (yes, I'll answer!) and let me know your answers! 

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Book Kris: Kristin has been a guest on over a dozen podcasts, as well as in-person events, speaking on the topics of food freedom, meal planning, meal prep and beyond. To book Kristin for your podcast, speaking event or cooking class (in person or virtual), please contact us at
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