I'm here to help you take the stress out of healthy living, uncomplicate eating and find your beautiful balance. 

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A podcast for the woman who wants to live her healthiest, happiest life, beyond dieting. 


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Sick of reading labels, confused about the latest research, feeling trapped in a cycle of on-again, off-again, all-or-nothing thinking or emotional eating?


Do you want to eat well and feel well, without the stress?


You can have freedom and ease in your wellness journey- let me show you how.

It's time to uncomplicate eating once and for all.


Online Intuitive Eating Group Coaching for Moms

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“Kristin is an incredible coach. I think of her more like a teacher and guide – she introduced me to new concepts and ideas, opened my mind up to an entirely new way of thinking about food, and guided me through breaking life-long habits to form new healthful ways of thinking and behaving. She truly cares about her clients, she listens and provides her insights appropriately. On top of being an amazing coach and nutritionist, she has a heart of pure love and joy. She’s genuine and compassionate, which is why she cares so deeply about the well-being of her clients. I can’t recommend Kristin enough and would work with her again in a heartbeat.”  


“Working with Kristin was truly priceless, well worth the investment because of the way it changed my life. I told my husband after our last session that I didn’t know how to put into words to tell him how much she had helped me. But I knew he could already see the positive changes in me around food and workouts and the changes in our marriage, since I started working 1:1 with her.


 I started working with her because I wanted to kick a few lingering disordered food and fitness mindsets to the curb. These food and exercise “rules” were limiting my life a bit and needed to go, especially for me to enjoy and engage fully in future seasons of life, like motherhood.


I ended our last session in a much better place mentally than when I started working with Kristin. She helped me see the value of rest days, how my worth as a person doesn’t increase or decrease based on if I workout or not, how it’s okay to pivot from a food or workout plan, how honoring our hunger is actually a way to honor God, how to tune into how my body wants to move on a given day … and I could go on an on about all she taught me and helped me with!


I can honestly say my quality of life has increased since working with her. My marriage is better and I feel more free and joyful, no longer bound by those last few “rules” I had put on myself around eating and exercise.


I would recommend working with Kristin to anyone who wants to heal their relationship with food or exercise. Anyone who has been following ridged rules and has had enough and they are ready to start enjoying food and movement and have a life that no longer revolves around their body size, workouts or food.


When letting go of hold habits and trying new things, if my panic crept in, she would email me back, with calming and reassuring words. She would celebrate what I was doing well and give me practical steps to take and questions to ask myself to find out the “why” behind the “what” I was feeling.


Working with Kristin, I felt encouraged, like if she believed I could change then it was possible! She held that belief for me even when I wasn’t sure at times myself that change was possible. She is also an incredible listener and non judgmental! So friendly to talk to, like an old friend even upon first call. Can not say enough good things about this woman!”