Episode 094: Food Freedom and Solidarity in Motherhood through Sourdough with Ashley Gray

Ashley Gray emanates sunshine. The creator and founder of Sunshine and Sage, a sourdough starter and guidance company designed to create connection through sourdough, Ashley's story of finding freedom with food is intricately intertwined with her love for the ancient art of sourdough. We talk about the ancient wisdom sourdough, passed through generations, something that has been so trendy during our time of quarantine and yet is such a deeply nourishing and traditional food- so far beyond trendy. But this episode is so beyond sourdough. We had a deep conversation about self worth, freedom and acceptance, of our bodies and ourselves, and the community that is created when we come together, as mothers, in solidarity. This conversation was a gift to me as a part of it- and I hope you will find the same, for you.

TRIGGER WARNING:This episode contains conversation surrounding abuse not suitable for young children or those who are sensitive to such topics. If you're good with that- you do not want to miss this episode! LISTEN: Listen on iTunes | Listen on Stitcher | Listen on Google Play | Listen on Spotify

About my Guest: Ashley Gray is a wife, mother and unwavering optimist. 5 years ago, she left a successful 13 year career in personal training to heal a damaging relationship with food, and to finally embrace her body, and ultimately her life. Along the way, she found a love for the ancient wisdom of sourdough, and in early 2020 opened Sunshine and Sage, an online shop selling organic sourdough starter from her Colorado kitchen. Most importantly, she shares food freedom and empowerment in motherhood through sourdough. Sunshine and Sage Website Sunshine and Sage Instagram Sourdough Sisterhood Workshops Join the FREE Healthy Mama on a Budget Challenge, June 1-30: Sign up here

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