Episode 072: 3 Tips to better tune in to your body

Three weeks ago, I talked about the importance of allowing yourself permission to eat all foods as an essential part of the process of learning to eat intuitively and find YOUR beautiful balance, to let YOUR body be the guide when it comes to making food choices, so you can truly make the choices that serve YOU. But there’s sometimes a roadblock that tends to come up after we enter this permission phase, and it keeps us from moving forward in our Intuitive Eating journey-- or sends us right back into a new diet if we feel out of control again. And we talked about this, right-- the more out of control we feel, the more we crave control and the more we control, the more we swing in the other direction- and the cycle continues. So how, then, after we’ve given ourselves permission, do we get to the point where we’re not just allowing permission to eat all foods… but also making choices that serve us?

The answer is learning to TUNE IN to our bodies. Learn three steps to beginning to better tune into your body, and what she needs, in order to live in freedom with food- and feel good at the same time.

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