Episode 052: Intuitive Eating During Pregnancy +getting uncomfortable with Victoria Yates

I was so excited to get this sweet mama-to-be on the podcast. I connected with her over on Instagram a year or so ago, and I adore her beautiful feed and the sweet wisdom she shares. As an RN and a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Victoria helps women experience freedom from obsession and anxiety over food, just like she has. You will love this chat of ours, all about finding freedom from obsessing over healthy living, getting uncomfortable and the weirdness of pregnancy (and how Intuitive Eating has helped her perspective on eating during pregnancy). I can't wait for you to hear our conversation!

We chatted: 

- Victoria's story of finding freedom from obsession around healthy eating

- What is Orthorexia and how do you know if you've taken healthy living too far?

- Intuitive Eating while pregnant (including Victoria's funny first trimester cravings!)

- The importance of getting uncomfortable to create change in your life 

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About my guest: Victoria Yates is a Registered Nurse & Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor based in Westchester, NY who focuses on helping women make peace with their bodies and re-discover joy with eating. She, as she’ll get into in this episode, struggled with anxiety around food but since she discovered intuitive eating, she's come to realize that healthy is so much more than eating perfectly. And with that, she was able to find healing from amenorrhea. She helps the women she works with accept the truth that they can trust their bodies and that they, themselves, are the best expert on their bodies. 

Her blog: www.victoria-yates.com Instagram

The Embracing Balance Podcast Blog post: Choosing to Get Uncomfortable

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