Episode 009: A Veggie Loaded Life with Taesha Butler from The Natural Nurturer

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I am SO excited to share this episode with you today. In today's episode, I have on guest Taesha from the Natural Nurturer to talk real food for families, veggie loading our meals and finding balance and enjoyment in it all.

Find Taesha: http://www.thenaturalnurturer.com Instagram and Facebook: @thenaturalnurturer

My favorite recipes of Taesha's: Green Smoothie Muffins: https://www.thenaturalnurturer.com/blog/paleo-green-smoothie-muffins Carrot Apple Muffins (egg-free!): https://www.thenaturalnurturer.com/blog/egg-free-carrot-apple-muffins?rq=muffins Chocolate Avocado Bread: https://www.thenaturalnurturer.com/blog/chocolate-avocado-bread-paleo Egg Roll Meatballs: https://www.thenaturalnurturer.com/blog/egg-roll-meatballs-paleo-whole30 Instant Pot Beef + Broccoli: https://www.thenaturalnurturer.com/blog/2019/1/29/instant-pot-beef-and-broccoli

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