8 Easy Kids Lunchbox Ideas

If only packing cute kids lunches were as easy as it looks on Instagram, right?! Well, I might not be making fruit fish or sandwich people (this mama does not have time for that!) but I do know how to put together a delicious + nutritious school lunch, and that's what I want to share with you today- 8 easy kids lunch ideas!

Click here to check out my simple method for stress-free school lunches and here to check out all of my favorite school lunch tools.

Box #1:

Chicken Salad (I used my classic picnic chicken salad, here) in lettuce cups + tomatoes + apples + peanut butter + root veggie chips

Box #2: Cream cheese, ham + mustard roll-ups, carrots + celery with hummus, apple slices, animal crackers and a Stretch Island fruit leather.

Box #3: Taco Meatloaf Muffins (such a great protein and veggie packed lunchbox option!) with guacamole, berries, snap peas + veggie chips

Box #4: Broccoli cheddar egg cups (more muffin cup meals- we use silicone and they work GREAT, zero mess!) + tomatoes + pretzerls + apricots + a MADEGOOD bar.

Box #5: Black bean, corn and quinoa salad + celery + cheese + drinkable yogurt + cantaloupe

Want more inspiration for packing healthy lunchboxes? Download my free Healthy Kids Lunchbox Guide!

Box #6: 'Lunchable'-style salami, cheese + crackers (Simple Mills are our favorite), frozen berries + cucumber

Box #7: Hard cooked egg, meat stick, cubed cheese, peppers, freeze-dried tomatoes + mini cookies

Box #8: Half a sunbutter + jelly sandwich, mini meatballs, tomatoes, sliced pear and mini cookies

Which one is your favorite? Which would your kids love? Share with me over on Instagram!

Favorite Lunchbox accessories: Planetbox Rover with little dipper (an investment for sure- but they hold up well!)

Planetbox Shuttle with tall dipper

Bentgo Kids Bento Box (plastic option, but less expensive, easy to wash + super durable)

Lunch Picks

Silicone Muffin Cups

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