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Welcome to Healthy Balanced Mama!
I'm Kris, founder of Healthy Mama Kris, certified holistic health coach, intuitive eating counselor, trained chef, mama of two, creator of Uncomplicated Eating™, the Healthy Mama Meal Prep Method and host of the Healthy Balanced Mama Podcast. Learn more about me and my story here. 
I know the world balance gets thrown around a lot in the wellness world, and it might feel impossible if you're a busy mama just trying to keep your head above water and get meals on the table (without calling for takeout, the third time this week).
Balance is my Jam
Maybe you've tried plans or programs before to try and live a healthier life, that just never lasted, making you feel like a failure, over and over again. The problem isn't you, mama- it's that those plans weren't designed to fit YOUR life. There is no one-size-fits-all plan that will fit your unique life.
I'm on a mission to help you redefine balance, on your own terms- to ditch quick fixes that don't last in favor of learning to eat and live in a way that is unique to you- without the stress or complication of dieting, ever again. I'm here to help you stress less about food, so you can enjoy life more, create a healthier relationship with food, feel more confident in the kitchen, simplify getting meals on the table and find balance in every day- no diet necessary.
Let's get you started!
1. Learn what it means to uncomplicate eating
I believe balanced eating is the intersection between intuition and intention. What do I mean by that?
Having an intuitive connection with your body means you learn to tune in to and trust your body's cues and unique needs, so you don't have to rely on plans or programs to tell you what to eat (and eating well actually feels easy!). Download my free stress-free eating guide to get started
Learn more:
1. How I went from dieting to food freedom
2. Episode 047 The Key to finding your beautiful balance
3. Episode 072 3 Tips to better tune in to your body
4. How to use the hunger and fullness scale
I also believe creating intentional routines is an important part of living a truly healthy life. Consistency, not control, is the catalyst for real change. This is why I teach about creating a balanced plate, and how to meal plan and meal prep in my best-selling Healthy Mama Meal Prep course, because without having routines, eating can feel haphazard and chaotic (and that doesn't feel like balance, at all).
Learn more:
1. What is simplified nutrition?
2. Episode 082 How routines and rituals support wellness without deprivation
3. My Simple Meal Planning + Meal Prep Strategy
4. Structure vs. Control
2. Connect with me + Join the Healthy Balanced Mama Tribe

Are you ready to live a healthy balanced life? Healthy Balanced Mamas is a community of women who are passionate about healthy balanced living. The Healthy Balanced Mama Life isn't one of restriction or deprivation, but nourishment, satisfaction and fulfillment, in all areas of our lives. We believe true beauty isn't determined by a scale or a size, but on a life well lived. Join us for free over on Facebook to work together towards becoming healthier, happier and more confident by finding your beautiful balance in nutrition, healthy living and motherhood.

The Healthy Balanced Mamas community is a place to support, motivate + encourage each other with our healthy eats, favorite recipes and discussion on living a healthy balanced life. Join for free here!

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3. Get my free stress-free eating guide
Take the first steps towards stressing less about food, so you can live the life you want to live- without being bogged down by food guilt, meal stress or diets that keep you from the experiences that truly matter (but still find that health and balance you desire!). Download my free stress-free eating guide here. You'll also be added to the Healthy Mama list to get my weekly Healthy Mama Monday emails with tips, tools and deals you won't find anywhere else. 
4. Start uncomplicating eating, today
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Are you ready to jump in and start uncomplicating eating, today? I'm right here beside you, mama. My two signature online courses are designed to meet you exactly where you're at in your journey to living your healthiest, happiest, most balanced mama life, whether you want to find freedom with food, ditch the diet cycle and overcome emotional eating, or learn how to meal plan and prep to actually get dinner on the table- without the stress. 
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5. Hungry for more?
While you're here, don't forget to check out my most popular recipes (I did tell you I'm a trained chef, didn't I?). All of my recipes are family-friendly and weeknight ready. Let's get cooking!
I am so excited to have you here, mama!
Here's to your beautiful balance. Connect with me on social (my DMs are always open!):
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