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Spring Clean

your kitchen

with Healthy Balanced Mama

Join Kris & the Healthy Balanced Mama Community to refresh, reorganize and restore our kitchens for a more functional and efficient space to easily cook, eat and live a more healthy balanced life.


 create a functional & efficient kitchen 

In this 4-week challenge, we have one mission:

create a kitchen that works for you through actionable strategies, community and a commitment to just an hour a week to refresh and restore your kitchen to balance.

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how we'll do it:

Weekly Podcast Episode &
Live Q + A

Printable How-to Guides

Community Support & Prizes

We start on April 2! Join for free:

Step 1:

Declutter + organize your kitchen for efficiency

the process:

Step 2:

Refresh your refrigerator for easy access to balanced meals

Step 3:

Dig into the depths of your freezer to optimize storage for quick meals

Step 4:

Re-evaluate, refresh and systemize your pantry for ease

most importantly:

Do it all with FUN and JOY!


are you ready? join for free:

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