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8 Secrets

to balanced eating

ditch the diets and short-term plans in favor of a flexible approach to food and nutrition 


How does she do it?

That woman who seem to just have that balance we all strive for... but can't seem to find in any of the latest diets, plans or programs.

How does she eat well, effortlessly- while also not batting an eye at having a treat?

How does she resist pouncing on the dessert table, savor her meal and seemingly love the salad (or the burger) she chose?


You don't hear her rave about going keto or how many calories are in a food.

She simply... eats.

She's fit, healthy, joyful, present.

She has energy, she looks confident... and she never freaks out around food.



I call this woman the balanced eater. The woman wondering? That used to be me. The woman I'm describing?


That's me, now. 

So what is my secret- and the secret of so many other women who have found their beautiful balance?


Join me on July 27th to learn 8 secrets of becoming a balanced eater.

Here's what you'll learn... 

The myths of balance and how to ditch a perfectionistic mindset around food

what it means to be a balanced eater (and how it looks #IRL)

how to embrace a flexible approach to nourishing yourself + your family

8 secrets to becoming a balanced eater for life

i'm in!

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Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Holistic Health Coach, Mama of two, proud New Englander and unofficial coffee connoisseur.

I spent way too many years of my life trapped in the mindset that in order to be more, I needed to weigh less. This sent me into a decade-long frenzy of trying everything under the sun to lose weight and be (so-called) healthy, which only led me to being the most unhealthy I ever was.


After a scary health crash in 2016, armed with a fresh perspective,  I embarked on a mission to help women ditch dieting in favor of simplified, rule-free nutrition by learning how to tune into their intuition, to find their beautiful balance- so they can stress less about food, and enjoy life more.


I'm also the host of the Healthy Balanced Mama Podcast, creator of the Supermama Society group coaching membership, Healthy Mama Meal Prep online program and The Healthy Mama Meal Planner, but if I'm not on a podcast call or catching up with clients, you can most often find me at home, sipping coffee with my sailor husband and my two sweet and spunky sous chefs.

hey, i'm kris