What it looks like to work with a coach

So you want to create change in your life. But you might not be sure where to start, or you might not know the next steps to getting there. You've read the books, the blogs, you might have taken some steps- but you're feeling stagnant, or like you need a little extra boost to get to where you want to be.

You've thought about hiring a coach to help you in your journey- whether it be with intuitive eating and food freedom, improving your family's health and wellbeing through eating more real food, or simplifying the process with meal prep, or simply taking steps towards more balance in your life- stressing less and living more-- a health coach can help you in all of these areas (and beyond).

The first question we usually ask is, "Will it be worth it?". Last week I shared three reasons to hire a coach (and three reasons you might not want to). But the next question that naturally comes is, What does it actually look like?

What does it look like to work with a coach- and how will it fit into my life?

I've hired a host of coaches over the years- for everything from nutrition (digestive health, hormone balance), birth, to competing in a bikini competition (not recommended for food freedom, ha), running, intuitive eating, business and finance.

And here's the thing: every experience has been different. Same girl, different coaches, and different life stages.

Working with a coach looks different for everyone- for every coach and every person who is being coached, based on their needs-- and this means coaching for you in one life stage might also be different than another life stage. A good coach will lean into what you need depending on your life stage and the goal you're working towards. A good coach knows there is no one-size-fits-all approach to reaching your goals- and that is the beauty of hiring a coach over simply reading and applying. A coach will help you personalize and take action based on your life stage and personality, whatever your individual goal might be.

So instead of telling you what working with a coach looks like, I thought I would share what working with a coach could look like.

Working with a coach could look like...spending an entire hour just honing in on your goals. There is power in clarity. One of my favorite things to work with clients on is simply identifying and clarifying their true goals based on their values so we have a clear destination and we can begin to craft the roadmap to get there.

Working with a coach could look like... getting on the phone once every two weeks (or once a week, depending on your needs), and sharing what's been going on that week, for you and what's come up- your successes and your struggles, and working from there to pull out next steps towards working towards your goal. Some of the best sessions I have with clients come from simply sharing their week and what's been coming up for them- from there, we can draw out action steps for what they need the most in that season to move closer towards their goal.

Working with a coach could look like... getting on the phone and sharing one specific thing you want to work on. It's ok if you're clear about what you want to work on in that session (it's also ok if you're not). Sometimes, we'll start on one subject- and end up on another one completely. Sometimes, we spend the entire session honed in on one specific struggle or question. This is totally ok. What matters the most to me as your coach is that you received value from our session and felt like you moved forward (even if only by an inch- sometimes you'll feel like you moved a mile-- every session is different).

Working with a coach could look like... new things coming up you never thought you needed or desired coaching on. This came up for me, recently, with my coach. I realized how much I needed- and wanted- to work on an area that seemed very much unrelated to what we were coaching on, but it ended up being SO valuable. THIS is why I love coaching, and love being a coach- coaching gives you that individual attention, nonjudgmental encouragement and support in whatever comes up, for you.

Ultimately, having a coach isn't about hiring someone to tell you what to do, it's about having someone open the possibilities around what you could do and helping you decide the next right action steps towards that goal. Coaches will provide advice and insight, but a good coach is there to guide you in the direction of your dreams and desires, not their own.

Ultimately, having a coach isn't about hiring someone to tell you what to do, it's about having someone open the possibilities around what you could do and helping you decide the next right action steps towards that goal.

Are you ready to take your first action step towards that thing you want? You know what it is. You might even be afraid to say it out loud. It's my job, as a coach to help you put a voice to it. Words to your hopes and desires-- and action steps towards getting there. Maybe you're a little nervous about what that action step is-- but you know you want more.

My January introductory coaching package is still available through the end of the month- if you book a discovery call between now and the end of the month (even if your call is scheduled after), you are eligible to sign on for a special 2-session package for only $149 (that means you’ll get three sessions for that price if you include the discovery call). This is HUGE, as I typically only offer 3-and 6-month packages.

Here’s why I’m offering it, for a limited time:

Think about this like leasing that luxury car. You’re not sure if you’re ready to buy, you’ve taken it for a spin and you like how it rides but you want to get to know it a little more before you make a bigger investment. I want you to experience what coaching can do for your life first hand, before you decide to move forward in making those big changes in your life. Take advantage of this opportunity, sister! This is YOUR year to make a change. I'm ready to guide you in it. Book your free 45-minute discovery session.

Kristin Dovbniak


I'm Kris! Founder of Healthy Balanced Mama, I'm a holistic health coach, certified intuitive eating counselor, trained chef, and mama of two, and I'm here to guide busy moms like you in stressing less and finding freedom with food through balanced eating and simplified routines around meal planning, meal prep, grocery shopping and cooking with confidence.


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