What is your Supermama Alter Ego?

For years, I used body types in my nutrition coaching. Primarily, to help women identify that we are all different-- there is no one size fits all nutrition plan because we are all incredibly different in our physiology, our genetic makeup and our history. This is the study of bioindividuality, the fact that each of us are created uniquely by God and there is on one size fits all eating plan (and anyone that tries to claim there is one is misguided!). There is value in knowing this, and knowing that you're not alone in that all of us are on a journey of finding what works best, for US.But here’s the problem with body types:

It still buckets women into categories that tell them how they should and shouldn’t eat and live. And where it can be an ‘aha’ moment, where they feel less alone when they realize they’re not the only ones with their struggles, it can also encourage the all-or-nothing mindset. If they don’t live up to the way they’re ‘supposed’ to eat with this body type, they’ve failed. It encourages restricting our food intake to fit an ideal that might not fit our lifestyle-- this is a dangerous mindset that often leads to the restrict/binge cycle.

So what I’ve learned over the years is that what matters SO MUCH more than body types, is LIFESTYLE. You WILL learn to eat for your unique body type if you give your body the best shot to eat in a way that feels good within YOUR lifestyle. Because even if two mamas have the same ‘body type’ doesn’t mean they live the same life, and the strategies that work for one of them may not work for the other one. One ends up with abundant energy and the other is exhausted and feeling defeated that she didn’t hit her perfect plate at every meal.

Listen, mama friend: There is no perfect plate. There is no perfect way to eat. There isn't even a perfect balance-- balance is not static. What there are? Strategies and tools to learn to eat in a way that feels good, to YOU and make it work, with your life. And THAT is what I am passionate about. Empowering women to learn to eat in a way that works for THEIR body and THEIR lifestyle, rather than feeling like they need to live up to an unrealistic standard or jump onto the latest fad. Because when you find that place, of eating intuitively and building the tools to fuel your body and nourish your family in a way that works for you, you won't feel the NEED to jump onto the latest fad. Your healthy mama life will be just that- your life. So what I developed over the last few months was a way to help you, mama, learn to nourish yourself and your family in a way that works for your unique lifestyle. Because you ARE a supermama-- and I want to help you feel like it! So what are the three Supermama alter egos? I'm going to outline them for you, here-- but I want to encourage you to take the quiz to find out which one fits your life the most, and start here with the tools I am going to share in You ARE a Supermama, my free mini course starting on April 1 (Not signed up? What are you waiting for?) to find what fits YOUR healthy mama life.

THE BUSY BABE Description

This mama is always doing something. Whether she’s a busy working mama juggling work, family, and other commitments or she’s a stay at home mom with a bunch of littles running around her just trying to make the day a little less crazy. She feels like she’s all over the place, but sometimes still gets nowhere. This mama WANTS to live a healthy life, and she NEEDS the energy to do it-- but some days-- many days, she feels like she simply doesn’t have the time to do it. Her kryptonite? Takeout, freezer pizza and mac n cheese. Whatever gets the job done, and fast. Her strength? Busy mamas can take on the world-- all they need is strategies to make healthy meals happen.

For the busy babe, weeks 2 and 4 are going to be your strength-builders. Learning to strategize easy meals for a healthier life by super-powering your morning and learning some light food prep to make your weeks easier is going to be KEY.


This mama is a foodie like me-- she LOVES good food, a nice glass of wine, going out to eat and trying new things. She’s not willing to sacrifice flavor for health. She, too, wants to live a healthy mama life but it feels so BORING, like the life is being sucked out of each and every meal. She’s tried to get healthy before, but it hasn’t stuck because she feels deprived!

Her kryptonite? Gourmet mac n cheese, specialty cocktails or craft beer, and designer donuts. Her strength? She loves to cook-- and eat-- and she’s willing to put in the effort, as long as it tastes good.

For the spice girl, weeks 1 and 3 are key. Learning to embrace all real food has to offer- without restriction, and making this the key to your culinary endeavors, and then learning what a power plate looks like, so your hitting all of your supermama bases without sacrificing taste and pleasure.

FLASH MAMA This mama is the athlete of the bunch. Though she may not be a pro, she loves living an active life, whether it’s heading out for an early morning run, joining friends for a workout, hitting the gym or hiking on the weekends. She needs fuel for her active mama life, but she feels like she’s constantly low energy, or she’s snacking all the time and even though she’s active, she can’t quite figure out how to fuel her healthy mama life.

Her kryponite? Any snacks that are around, or the coffee IV she seems to always have hooked up.

Her strength? She already loves to move and live a healthy life-- she just can’t always keep up with it! For the flash mama, food is all about fuel. It’s for taste and satisfaction, too, but this mama needs to learn how to fuel her healthy mama life on a day to day basis. For this mama, weeks 2 and 3 are key. Learning to fuel your morning right off the bat and recover from morning workouts well if that’s your jam, is key to energy throughout the day, and learning how to use the power plate to energize your daily life.

As you’ll note, many of these strategies overlap and their lifestyles overlap in some cases, too. All of us live busy lives and all of us want more energy and want to feel good without stressing over macros or net carbs or whatever the latest fad is. I’ve been there, and you know what it did? It took up SO much of my time and brain space. I had less time for my kids, less time for my husband, less time to spend doing the things I KNOW God is calling me to do. What are you being called to do? Do you find nutrition taking too much of your brain space? Or maybe you have zero energy and zero time to think about nutrition. Maybe you want to eat healthy food, you do, but it NEEDS to taste good.

Wherever you are, I want to help YOU feel like a supermama. I want to give you the strategies to live a healthy, energized supermama life, without restriction, but using simple tools to make healthy work for YOU.


And Join us in You ARE a Supermama, starting April 1st.

Kristin Dovbniak


I'm Kris! Founder of Healthy Balanced Mama, I'm a holistic health coach, certified intuitive eating counselor, trained chef, and mama of two, and I'm here to guide busy moms like you in stressing less and finding freedom with food through balanced eating and simplified routines around meal planning, meal prep, grocery shopping and cooking with confidence.


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