What does it mean to un-complicate eating?

If there is one thing I think most of us in the wellness world can agree on, it’s that something that was once quite simple- eating, nourishing our bodies- has become way too complicated.

Everywhere we turn there’s a new plan telling us what we should eat- and what we should avoid. There’s a new expert telling us their advice is THE one that is going to improve our health, give us the body of our dreams and change our life. There’s a new study proving or disproving that one thing we thought we knew- and all of it is confusing and often frustrating. How do we navigate it all, how do we determine what’s true and what isn’t, who to follow and which way to turn?

I’ve never claimed to have all the answers- but I do know one thing. There is NO one right way.

There are 7.8 billion right ways (give or take)- and even these ways are bound to change, as seasons change, our lives shift, and we grow and change.

Though we all share the same genus and species and our physiology is similar, with minor differences, outside of our skin, hair and eye color and size- our needs are as unique as our fingerprints, for the simple reason that we have all lived different lives. We have all gone through different experiences and this is one of the most beautiful things about our humanity- we are both similar and incredibly different, all the same. These differences in needs- varying seasonally, weekly, daily, sometimes even hourly, means the search for the perfect diet is even more futile.

So how do we begin to un-complicate something that seems SO very complicated?

We start by ditching the one-size fits all approach. We remove ourselves from the search for perfection and call a ceasefire to the fight against our bodies so we can lean in to what works for our unique bodies and lives- our beautiful balance.

Uncomplicated Eating: What does it mean?

Uncomplicated Eating means…

1. Turning down the noise.

The world of nutrition is noisy. In order to uncomplicate eating we need to turn down the noise of the outside world to allow ourselves to tune IN to our bodies needs. This means removing rules, restrictions and labels around eating to embrace the YOU-diet.

2. Choosing self-care over self control.

We have been told for years that in order to live healthy lives, we need to meticulously count, measure, track and portion our way to better health- but this simply isn’t the case. The more we control, the less we focus on caring our bodies, and the more disconnected we become with our body’s unique needs and the wisdom our bodies inherently have. When we choose self care over self control, we begin to trust our bodies again, and we can release control without feeling out of control.

3. Recognizing and respecting our unique bodies.

In the same vein, this also requires recognizing our uniqueness- our unique physiology, size and shape. This doesn’t mean giving up health- it means giving up the pursuit of body change as the ultimate measure of health, allowing the behaviors that create health to come to the forefront of our pursuits, and letting our bodies find their natural and healthy size, without force.

4. Simplifying nutrition and self-care practices that allow us to thrive.

Nutrition doesn’t need to be a complicated math equation or a constant checking of rulebooks. We can simplify nutrition with basic education on what our bodies need, what balance looks like and tweak for what feels good, to us. This also includes simplifying practices that make us thrive and allows us to eat and live in a way that helps us to show up as the healthiest, happiest version of ourselves- things like meal planning, meal prep, and morning and evening routines for a more intentional life.

5. Eating based on your values instead of experts.

There are no experts better equipped to decide what works for you than YOUR body. This doesn’t mean you can’t take advice from experts- it means expert advice becomes information, and your body becomes the ultimate decision maker. This includes making health decisions like choosing nutrient-dense foods, eating more plants or making decisions like choosing organic, shopping local, choosing superfoods and the like. We decide what our values and our priorities are, and in following this- we can make decisions that serve us well.

6. Bringing JOY back into eating.

Food should be JOYFUL. Food is a source of pleasure and connection, as well as fuel and nourishment. Removing the rules, the guilt and shame from eating means we can enjoy eating again- exactly as we were always meant to; choosing foods that feel good AND taste good, without stress.

This is uncomplicated eating.

Are you ready to remove the rules, ditch dieting, simplify nutrition, infuse joy into meals and uncomplicate eating once and for all?

The Uncomplicated Eating Course is open for enrollment, now!

You will learn to:

  • ditch the on-again, off-again relationship with healthy living

  • tune in to YOUR body’s cues

  • overcome emotional overeating

  • find satisfaction in food

  • bring enjoyment back into eating

  • nourish yourself well without deprivation (and)

  • embrace YOUR unique needs and find your beautiful balance.

What one member said: "Uncomplicated Eating is for anyone who has ever struggled with their body image and their relationship with food. It’s all interconnected as you will come to realIze as you work your way through the course. You will discover things about yourself that you didn’t even know existed. Kristin is down to earth and real about the struggles diet culture has inflicted on us. It truly is life changing to learn how to trust your body and not worry about a “ one size fits all” approach ever again." -Chelsey R.

Start Uncomplicating Eating, now!

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