[Video] Our Favorite Packaged Kids Snacks

Packaged snacks get such a bad rap in the nutrition world, right?! But they really truly don't have to. As much as I believe it's important to eat a variety of home cooked meals and enjoy more real food overall, there is NOTHING wrong with including some packaged snacks, too. In fact, we eat quite a few packaged snacks, and where we don't practice guilt over ANY food choices, I do think there is a happy medium between feeling like you need to make everything homemade (umm, HELLO overwhelming!) and choosing all sugary, highly processed snacks.⁠

⁠There is room for ALL foods in a balanced life, but we can also make choices that serve us and make us AND our kids feel good and nourished on a regular basis. So what are our favorite packaged kids snacks??

Click below to watch a video with myself and the sweetest co-host, Sage, all about our favorite packaged kids snacks.

Here is what we look for in snacks:

1. Real food!

Question to ask: Do I recognize these ingredients?

Again, this doesn't need to be militant or obsessive-- but it is a helpful place to start when it comes to choosing foods that are of higher nutrient density.

2. Does it have substance?

I always recommend moms focus on snacks that have 'substance'. To this, I mean snacks that have fiber (i.e. whole grains, whole or dried fruit vs. fruit juice), protein (string cheese, meat sticks, eggs etc.), and/or healthy fats (nuts, seeds, avocados) so they balance blood sugar and have more staying power than snacks that are primarily carbohydrate (kids need carbs, but balance helps snacks to last longer and provide more benefits).

3. Can I take this on-the-go or is it an at-home snack? This is more logistic, than anything- having a variety of different snacks on hand that can be taken on the go and/or eaten at home can be helpful to ensure you always have snacks on hand for when the hungries hit!

4. Does my kiddo actually like this snack and find it satisfying? This is KEY, my friend! Snacks only serve their purpose if our kids actually LIKE them. Choose a variety of snacks that have substance, some that are sweet, some that are savory, some on-the-go and some at-home, so your kids have the opportunity to choose and tune into their satisfaction (an important foundation to eating intuitively).

Grab a list of our favorite snacks by clicking the image below to download my one-page snack guide:

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What are your favorite kids snacks? Post below or share with me on Instagram!

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