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The hardest part of beginning a new journey, with anything in life, health included? Beginning. Starting can be overwhelming. No matter where you're at now-- grabbing half a leftover pop tart for breakfast or maybe making a smoothie, but it leaves you hangry in a couple hours-- change is big. Change takes commitment to see a reward (as much as I think the super smoothie is amazing, it's not magic!) and we inherently know that-- that can be scary. So most of you reading this have already make the commitment to drinking one super smoothie a day for the month of July. If not, now's the time! I'm here (along with an army of amazing women in the Healthy Mama Life Community) to guide you along the way to make this process as seamless as possible. You CAN do this, mama!

So let's talk about WHERE TO START. You signed up for the smoothie challenge which means you got our free superfood guide-- wait right there. Take that tool and tuck it away in your back pocket, for now. If this is your first time drinking a super smoothie, we're keeping it simple.

First, download the free super smoothie guide that comes in your challenge welcome email (it will arrive in your inbox a few hours after the free superfood guide does). It's a PDF so you'll be able to access it anywhere (I recommend downloading it on your phone, so you have the formula and recipes with you when you're out and about!).

Flip to page 2 and read about WHAT a super smoothie is. This is important. The Healthy Mama Super Smoothie is not your average yogurt-and-OJ smoothie bar blend.

Then, flip the page once more and familiarize yourself with The Healthy Mama Super Smoothie Formula. This is not optional! Please, do NOT add a cup of juice and two bananas to your blender and come to me and ask why you were still starving two hours later or why your jeans are tight after a week... the 'magic' is in the formula.

The super smoothie formula contains a BALANCE of nutrients to keep you FULL, SATISFIED and PHYSIOLOGICALLY BALANCED to avoid huge spikes and drops of energy, cravings and hangriness. Yeah, I made that a word.

[You'll get a printable version of this exact formula in your email!] It works if you work it, mama!

So let's get into it-- I want you to start by making a smoothie. Oh yeah, we're jumping RIGHT in. I'm all about baby steps, but this is one where a visual just won't cut it. I want you to drink a smoothie because I want you to FEEL the effects it has on your energy levels. I want you to feel the satiety it gives you for hours on end (and if it doesn't, I want you to go ahead and check back in with the formula and make sure you didn't miss anything).

I want you to decide what seems like it worked (Did you like the fruit you added? How about the greens? Did you use a protein or greek yogurt? Do you want to try something different?) and maybe what didn't, from both a flavor and a satiety standpoint. Be be assured: this month is about experimentation. You're likely not going to find YOUR perfect formula right away, it might take a few smoothies, and that's ok. We're all individuals. That's why it's a formula and not a recipe. It's a template, with guidelines, for creating YOUR perfect nutrient-dense, satisfying smoothie.

So you've got the e-book, familiarized yourself with the formula and tried a smoothie yourself. Now I want you to pick 2-3 new recipes to try. No more, no less- I want you to have options, but not so many you're buying a ton of extra ingredients.

It's time to stock up. You need to ensure you have the basic ingredients: a couple types of fruit (I recommend a couple different berries, which work for pretty much everyone), a couple veggies (I recommend starting with spinach and frozen cauliflower), healthy fat (I recommend nut butter- almond, cashew, peanut), a protein and some sort of milk (I recommend starting with almond or cashew milk, unless you're allergic). I also recommend having a fiber on hand, this will help keep you full if you have a particularly busy day (I recommend chia or ground flax seeds). Start here. No fancy superfoods. Just real whole foods.

A note on protein: one thing I don't recommend doing is going out and getting a $50 tub of protein you've never tried. Head to the health food store and grab 3 or 4 little packets-- sure, the cost might not be as efficient, but neither is buying a giant tub of protein you hate. We all have different preferences and tolerances- so grab a few and decide which one is right for you! I usually recommend starting with vanilla or unflavored so you have options when it comes to flavors. I love chocolate, but a whole month of chocolate can get boring. Check out my post on protein powders to see what I consider a whole food protein and the ones I recommend.

Once you find a blend you really love, make up some smoothie bags. This might come after the challenge starts, but I urge you to do it! It only takes 10 minutes or so to put together a freezer full, and I promise will be a HUGE help on those busy mornings where one extra step is just too much. Rather than grabbing a muffin on your way to bring the kiddos to camp, throw those baggie ingredients into the blender with some milk and a scoop of protein powder and go, mama! So you've downloaded the smoothie book, familiarized yourself with the formula, made a smoothie, chosen a few more recipes to try, stocked up on ingredients, grabbed a few proteins to experiment with-- and maybe even made up some smoothie bags. You are GOOD TO GO, mama! Try one new smoothie a day for a few days until you find one or two you love, and rotate between them for a week to get used to simply making smoothies every morning (or for lunch, whatever floats your boat mama!). Then, maybe choose another one or two to add to the mix. I don't want this to be a budget buster for you- I just want to encourage you to continue experimenting to find your best blend, because in order to make this thing a habit- you need to LOVE your smoothies- and MAKE THEM! It works if you work it! Don't forget to head out and grab more protein once you find your favorite. Being out of an ingredient is a surefire way to get out of the habit! That's why we stocked up and tried out a few smoothies right away.

So how do you stay consistent with it then? First and foremost, like I said above- make sure you always have the ingredients on hand. This way you have NO excuses to creating a super smoothie daily! Then, check in with us daily in the Healthy Mama Life Facebook Community for daily inspiration and encouragement. We're all in this together!

Don't forget to tag your super smoothies on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #HMLsmoothiechallenge. Tag me @healthymamakris so I see them!! Each post will put you in the pot to win weekly prizes! [Remember these posts need to be public in order for me to see them.]

Is this your first time trying the #HMLsupersmoothie? GIRL-- TELL ME! Comment below, post in the Facebook Community or tag me on IG-- I want to CHEER YOU ON! Be sure to leave me questions, if you have them as well (IG or FB is the best place, for these). Happy blending!!

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