Meal Plan Monday: Christmas Week (recipes, prep and our Christmas Menu)

Happy Monday, healthy mamas!

It's the last meal plan of the year, as it's Christmas week and I'm taking next week off to relax and create some intentions for the year ahead!

Here's what's on our meal plan, this week:

Meal 1: Chicken Caesar Salads

We took a trip to Whole Foods on Saturday to grab some ingredients for Christmas dinner (we're hosting a small dinner with my parents and sister) and we love to grab a rotisserie chicken, when we do. So Sunday dinner was decided- caesar salad (half homemade, I bought lettuce and made croutons and added a store bought dressing). We all love it, and it was quick and easy, which I love on what feels like a busier week.

Meal 2: Shepherd's Pie

It's been far too long since I made this cozy family favorite! Here's our recipe- we use cauliflower for the top layer (adds some extra nutrients, and I'm allergic to potatoes!) but you could use potatoes, if you prefer.

Meal 3: Veggie Curry

That's not our curry, I just wanted a pretty picture there ;) In reality, I have a can of coconut milk, some veggies, and a block of tofu- so veggie curry it is!

Meal 4: Almond flour chicken tenders + broccoli

The kids wanted chicken tenders again, and they're easy and we all love them- so I can't say no! I might make them into chicken parmesan to mix it up.

Meal 5 + 6: Christmas Eve + Christmas!

We're having our tradition of Chinese food on Christmas Eve, and here's our Christmas menu:

Pull-apart parmesan sage butter brioche rolls

Red Wine Cranberry Braised Short Ribs

Roasted garlic mashed potatoes with mascarpone (no recipe, I just whip these up- but the combination is divine, I highly recommend trying it!)

Roasted brussels sprouts

My parents are bringing dessert, so that's all on my end! Nick is making his avalanche eggnog cocktails, of course.

What I'm prepping ahead:

I decided to just do a little prep for the first few meals of the week and I'll prep for Christmas the day prior.

  • Veggies: dice carrots, celery and onion

  • Veggies: chop broccoli

  • Veggies: chop + steam cauliflower

  • Defrost meat (sometimes I make the meat ahead so the shepherd's pie is even easier!)

  • De-bone rotisserie chicken + use the bones for broth (overnight)

  • Make croutons

  • Chop and toss lettuce for salad

Total time: ~30 minutes hands-on, dinner was done- and then broth overnight!

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Have a safe and healthy holiday and a happy new year, and I'll see you in 2021!

Kristin Dovbniak


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