Intuitive Eats: Meals at Home Part 5

Well, friends meals have been feeling a *little* more normal now that we've stocked up on a few items. If you read my last Intuitive Eats post, you know we did a mini stock-up at the end of the week- we didn't do a BIG stock-up until another week later (scroll all the way down for a peek!). But it felt SO good to have more fresh produce to work with!

Here are a few of the meals I enjoyed over the week before we did our big stock-up!

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Time for those eats!

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I'm still vacillating daily between egg scrambles and big old smoothie bowls. Just what my body wants, these days!

This one was eggs sauteed with spinach, chives, feta, hot sauce and a tiny bit of leftover avocado.

Big smoothie bowls- lots of veggies (usually frozen steamed zucchini), fruit (papaya or blueberries), almond butter, nut milk, spinach and protein powder. Looks like sludge, tastes like a dream!

And of course- can't forget big hunks of sourdough- this one was topped with avocado, arugula, fried egg + hot sauce.


I MUCH prefer these coconut wraps with tuna or salmon. This was an easy tuna salad with mayo (we use homemade or avocado oil based), fresh dill and mustard, tossed with a few kalamata olives, wrapped with spinach and tomatoes for a greek feel. SO satisfying. Had this alongside some simple mills crackers, as well.

More eggs + avocado toast- this time with pink pickled onions (Laura from Radical Roots' recipe)

And more tuna salad- same way as in the wrap- over some spinach with tomatoes, feta + pink pickled onions. I love making different meals with similar ingredients!


So grateful to be stocked up with veggies and have a big stock of Butcher Box meat in- so burger salads have been on the menu lots as of late!

We are all currently loving chicken fingers- homemade, of course! This recipe is coming with our latest favorite salad, as well- next week! We served it up with white sweet potato fries and BBQ mayo.

Pad thai- another favorite, though these noodles were not one of our favorites.

And last but not least-- my husband and I love enjoying a slower dinner when the girls are at my mom's. Here we had Trader Joe's risoni, which is similar to rice but made with chickpeas (it was ok, not my fave), with lemon dill salmon and kale.

And of course... we finally went shopping! Here's a peek into our trip...

My first vanilla almond milk latte in MONTHS. I enjoyed EVERY sip of this!

We made it to Whole Foods + Trader Joes. It was a trek- but well worth it!

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And the husband and I enjoyed an impromptu date night- this was after sharing a cheese plate with some wine. I added some roasted corn and green onions to the top of chicken poblano ravioli. So good!

The next week was recipe testing week... I have some GREAT recipes up my sleeve- I can't wait to share!

Have a beautiful week, I can't wait to jump into the Healthy Mama on a Budget challenge with so many of you!

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