What is your meal planning and meal prep personality?

⁠There are MANY accounts, bloggers and experts out there who will tell you the BEST way to meal prep.⁠

I'm not one of them.⁠

Because just like with nutrition, there is NO one-size-fits-all way to meal prep!⁠

I worked as a personal chef for several years, and I would cook an entire week's worth of meals for my clients, and that worked for them- zero thought, grab and go (I shared my my meal prep story, here).⁠

But that doesn't work for many families- including my own family- and that's OK.⁠

This is why I share three styles meal prep- so you can find a style of meal prep that actually WORKS to bring more peace to you and your family. No slaving over the stove for six hours on a Sunday if you'd rather spend time with your family. No feeling bogged down by endless tiny containers or feeling like you have to only eat what you prepped (and you're bored on Tuesday).

But mama, cooking most of your meals ahead of time might actually work for you, if you're a busy mama who never finds time to cook, but wants to eat well and create your own convenience.

You might be more creative and you know you can benefit from some prep, but you want to still be creative in the kitchen and not feel like you have to stick to a rigid meal plan (that's us!).

You might be somewhere in between, where you need some extra support for certain meals... but others you can fly a little by the seat of your pants and you do have time to be creative or stir a pot over the stove.

Meal prep can support you in ALL of these situations (and more!)- but we're all unique, which means we need a unique solution for planning and prep that works for our unique life.

So what is your meal planning and meal prep personality?

Are you...

The Busy Babe... running every which way, who can't seem to keep up with meals (and the takeout place knows your daily order by heart)?

The Flexible Foodie... who wants LOTS of creativity and variety in the kitchen (but doesn't always have the time).

The Modern Mom... who is pretty busy, and needs more help some nights than others, and could definitely use some stress taken out of dinner time!

Watch the video below to learn more!

Still not sure? Take the free quiz to find out your meal planning and meal prep personality.

Ready to learn the three styles of meal prep that will change the way you cook for your family-- and bring more ease and simplicity to your weeks? Check out Healthy Mama Meal Prep, my best-selling online course, re-launching on October 5!

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