Intuitive Eats: Meals at Home Part 7

Another week at home, another week of eats, and thankfully, we've been venturing out- carefully, a little more and more. Small groups of friends, celebrating my dad's birthday with burgers on the picnic table (I'll share more of these, next week when I catch up on a couple weeks of meals!). It's starting to feel more normal, and at the same- not normal at all. Certainly a new normal, and hopefully- a better one. Here are a handful of the meals I've enjoyed!


Are you surprised I'm still on a smoothie bowl kick? Still going strong. It always surprises me when I want something else, because I love them so much- but I do mix it up!

Case and point- eggs, cheese, hot sauce, lots of herbs.

And big egg wraps with more hot sauce and arugula.

I've been loving GoMacro bars before long runs- with a nice frothy latte (I prefer an energy dense, but lighter snack before I run my almost-weekly 10-12 miles, my favorite distance- then I have a big brunch after).

This combo has also been on repeat! Birch Benders frozen waffles, with almond butter + jam (Crofter's is my fave!), eggs and spinach.


Lots of leftovers over here (as per usual)-- this is leftover pasta, with chicken sausage, arugula and parm added.

Leftover slaw, more chicken sausage, roasted broccoli + siete chips (not pictured).

Brunch 'out' (takeout, eaten by the beach!)- smoked salmon BLT on homemade GF bread. SO good.


Dinners have been easy breezy over here- our meal plan is rough, our approach flexible. Thankfully, we have been getting by well with less structure and I'm embracing it- more structure is sure to be necessary, soon!

Nachos with homemade salsa, black beans, cheese, cilantro and Sage's famous guac to dip.

Topped with olives, fermented jalapenos (new at Trader Joe's and I'm obsessed!) and a Mexican-style beer.

A simple dinner we all love- BBQ chicken, roasted broccoli and slaw.

Homemade DIY spring rolls- these will be up on the blog soon enough!

And a date night eaten in bed! Our oldest had a sleepover with one of her besties, so we let them have a movie + snacks and we cuddled up in our bed with burgers from our favorite spot. Intuitive Eating note: my belly wasn't feeling the bun on this particular day, so I skipped it. Sometimes I eat it, sometimes I don't. It's ok to mix it up!


Perfect bar + a kombucha. Loving these classic perfect bars- almond is sooo tasty.

Meal planning with my little friend- Jilz crackers, red pepper walnut dip (also coming to the blog, soon) and a La Croix.

And ICE CREAM! Our first trip to our favorite local spot. Shared a Nor' Easter (like a Blizzard, but a nod to our North Eastern storms!) with my hubby. Vanilla + brownie-- YUM.

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