Intuitive Eats: Meals at Home Part 1

I've been sharing many of our meals over on Instagram the past few weeks, and for a while I was hesitant in sharing them- as I don't want them to be a source of comparison, but I know it can be helpful and inspiring to see what others are enjoying during this time at home!

So before I continue know these meals are what has been working for me and my body and my preferences- if you're feeling that nagging comparison monster, head over and read these posts instead.

Let's dig in: here are some of the meals we've been enjoying over the last couple of weeks!


I've spent the last month or so exploring some digestive struggles that have popped back up (more on this soon) and experimenting with meals that feel really good in my body. I was off smoothies for a while because I just wasn't feeling them- but all of a sudden I all I wanted was smoothie bowls! I've been using steamed frozen zucchini along with frozen fruit for extra creaminess without banana (nothing wrong with bananas AT all- but they were triggering tummy troubles, for me). This is a great way to add in some extra filling fiber, vitamins and minerals and make smoothies a little more blood sugar friendly if that's a need of yours.

I love topping my smoothie bowls with either just plain nut butter or nut butter and a sprinkle of granola- YUM.

I've also still been enjoying egg based breakfasts, as well- usually on the weekend when life is moving just a little slower.

Siete foods tortilla + 2 eggs + spinach scrambled in ghee with some cheese and hot sauce (can you tell I've been in sweatpants, a lot?! ha!).

I needed extra fuel after a long run: homemade sourdough with 2 eggs, sauteed spinach, microgreens and a sumo citrus.


Honestly, most of our lunches lately have been leftovers! This particular week I ate the rest of our easter quiche (similar recipe here) for a couple days.

Remember- what I photograph isn't all I eat! I had this x 2.


Dinners have ranged from planned and curated (recipe testing, from a cookbook) and totally casual.

Burger bowls with sweet potato fries

Jovial Foods Brown Rice Pasta with cashew cream sauce and a salad kit

Saturday night casual dinner: sourdough discard pizza + cheese plate

Weeknight picadillo over greens (wasn't feeling rice, this night). Recipe coming soon!

Instant Pot BBQ chicken bowls: we cooked chicken breast in the instant pot with a jar of BBQ sauce for 25 minutes, shredded and served with roasted sweet potatoes + sauteed kale.

Maple mustard salmon (I'm going to be sharing this easy recipe over on my Instagram feed, this week), rice and roasted broccoli. SO darn good. I hope you enjoy these peeks into our eats! We're definitely doing well with what we've got on hand, going through our pantry and freezer and using as many fresh ingredients as we can. I hope you are holding up well, friends! This is a weird time- but remember, we're all in this, together.

Kristin Dovbniak


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