How to have a healthier, more intuitive Summer season

Summertime and the living’s easy.... Or at least, it feels like it should be. So why does it feel so crazy?! The sunshine and warmer days can be fun and inviting, but the summer can also feel stressful and haphazard, if you have kids home more than they were before, if you’re still trying to manage work and vacation time and just keeping your household afloat while the whole world seems a little more relaxed.

Now I only have the experience of having two kids at home, and I am grateful that my work IS flexible-- but I’m still a working mama, with a husband who’s away more often than he is home in the summertime especially, so I feel you, mama! But the reality is, it DOESN’T have to feel so crazy and just because your schedule is different doesn’t mean you have to ditch all efforts to tune into your body and nourish yourself in a way that feels good.

So how do you continue to tune into your body and live a healthy, intuitive life with the busyness of summer?

1. Simplify, simplify, simplify.

How can you simplify your health, during this busier time? Prioritizing your family’s health is always important- it means you live fully the life you have been called to, because you have energy and stamina to go about your days! But when life gets crazy, it can feel hard to make it a priority. But here’s the secret: PRIORITY doesn’t mean COMPLICATED.

Simplifying is sometimes THE best thing you can do to keep your family healthy and happy. Here are a few ideas:

Simplify meal planning. Instead of full meals, think of dinner themes that don’t require a ton of prep or effort. A few of our summer favorites?

2. Prep just what’s necessary.

With less activities and less desire for hot meals, meal prep can be easier in the summertime- but it is still essential for creating convenience in your life! How can you simplify your life even more by prepping the essentials? Here are a few ideas:

  • Prep protein for 2-3 meals (i.e. shredded or grilled chicken, burgers, ground meat, black beans, chickpeas)

  • Prep breakfast (chia pudding, smoothie bags, overnight oats, egg cups)

  • Pre-chop veggies + fruit for quick snacks

  • Prep a dip for snacking/lunches (try my Green Goddess dip or ranch made with homemade mayo)

By simplifying, you’re still prioritizing real, whole food based meals without overcomplicating it (because it’s unnecessary!)

By simplifying, you’re still prioritizing real, whole food based meals without overcomplicating it.

3. Allow for flexibility

Often easier said than done, I know. By prepping a few items ahead it means you can mix and match meals, when necessary. By having themes instead of exact meals if you don’t have one item or you want another instead, it doesn’t throw everything off. Be open to enjoying takeout or grabbing a pizza to enjoy on the beach. One meal is not going to make or break your health. That being said…

4. Tune in.

It can be easy, when life gets crazy, to ignore our body’s innate cues and feel like our eating is as haphazard as our lives can feel. But listen, mama-- the more you develop the skills of eating intuitively, the easier tuning in becomes. So stick with it! Here are a few questions to ensure you are still tuning into your body, this summer:

1) Are you honoring your hunger and fullness? Summer BBQ’s, ice cream trucks and beach buffets can make it feel like food is at the ready during the summer, and it can be easy to feel out of control around food-- and life (check out point 4 for more on this). By allowing yourself to tune into your hunger-- and honor it-- you can more easily stop when you’re full and keep your body fueled (rather than over-hungry) on a daily basis.

2) Are you choosing satisfying foods? Satisfaction is the hub of the wheel of intuitive eating. Are you choosing foods because you think you should (I should be eating salads because I need to fit into my bikini) or because you actually ENJOY them? Not eating foods that are satisfying more often than not leads to searching for that ‘phantom food’ to satisfy you (to no avail) because you wouldn’t allow yourself to eat what you wanted, in the first place. We end up OVER eating on those foods, rather than simply choosing what we like, in the first place. This often comes back to…

3) Have you made peace with ALL food? Is the burger morally equal to the salad, the watermelon equal to the ice cream? Or are you still putting good/bad labels around food? Once you begin to allow yourself to enjoy ALL foods, equally, you can choose foods that are satisfying- eat JUST enough of those foods to satisfy your body and tastebuds, and enjoy your summer THAT much more.

5. Take time for YOU.

When life feels stressful and you feel like there is absolutely no time for you, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and out of control. Carving out little bits of self care throughout the week means you’re not emptying your cup out every day- you are filling it to overflowing, and you can make choices that serve you and your family more readily when you are in a more mentally and physically balanced place.

6. Develop a new routine.

Just because your schedule is off doesn’t mean you need to throw away a routine! Routines can be by far the best way to maintain the habits you KNOW feel good, even in the busier seasons. So take inventory, with me:

- What habits do you KNOW make you feel good? (Drinking enough water, getting to bed on time, eating veggies on the regular)

- What (simple) low-stress habit can you begin to implement? I don’t recommend implementing any big changes-- there is a season for everything, and if this is your busy season, it’s not the time. However, now MIGHT be the time to develop a water drinking habit, a morning walk, or find a breakfast that is quick and easy and keeps you fueled for your busy days. For me, that breakfast is a smoothie. And I recognize- smoothies don’t work for everyone. Drinking a smoothie is not the key to living a healthy life. But they CAN be a super easy, on-the-go meal for the whole family. And they’re just darn delicious, right?! Which is why I developed a FREE, 10-day Smoothies for the Whole Family mini program just for you!

Join us July 1-10 to:

  • Enjoy one new nourishing smoothie a day (don’t worry if you miss one-- this isn’t a diet!)

  • Find a combination that feels good to YOU

  • Try a new everyday superfood or two to nourish yourself and your family better

  • Or just get some new ideas for delicious summery smoothies!

Sign up at to join in and get my FREE Simplified Smoothie Printable delivered right to your inbox and a new smoothie tip every day for the duration of the 10 days.

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