Healthy Mama Habits Restart: Day 10

Welcome to the Healthy Mama Habits Restart! In this 10-day mini-series, we're exploring what it means to create meaningful habits in our health and life-- that actually last.

Today is our LAST day! We made it, and in true Healthy Balanced Mama fashion, we are talking about what BALANCE in our eating means, on Day 10.

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If you're looking to create more balance in your life in 2020, and you want the ongoing support of a community (and ongoing access to me, as your group coach), The Supermama Society is for you! The Supermama Society Membership is an online group coaching community, rooted in Intuitive Eating principles, created just for moms. You'll spend each month learning and growing in your intuitive eating journey, on topics like: - The Power of Permission vs. Restriction

- Developing Body Trust

- Ending Emotional Overeating

- Cultivating Body Respect (even if you don't love it, right now)

- Eating as a form of self-care

- Creating Personal Food Values

- The Three Pillars of Gentle Nutrition

and SO much more.

With a new monthly masterclass, weekly short audio lessons, an exclusive monthly live q + a and coinciding worksheets, this is the resource to dig into the concepts of Intuitive Eating and living your Beautiful Balance fully, at your own pace, each and every month. PLUS, you'll get bonuses like exclusive recipes, videos and more. FOR A LIMITED TIME, now through January 13 only- you can access the Supermama Society for 6 months for only $99. That's an $80 savings on the monthly price. Now's the time, mama!

Learn more + join today:

Connect with me: Instagram: @healthymamakris

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