Find your superpowers: it's time to leave exhaustion behind and live the supermama life.

I get messages from moms all the time, run down and feeling defeated, sharing with me that they want to live a healthier life, they do-- but they feel like it's just not possible for them. There are simply too many obstacles in their way.

They spend all day caring for their kids; running around from appointment to event to practice- and there just aren't enough hours in the day to eat lunch, let alone cook a healthy dinner. They throw another frozen pizza in, feeling defeated. They LOVE food and wine and they've tried to eat healthy, they have, but cauliflower just doesn't cut it. They feel like they're failing themselves and their family but they're not willing to sacrifice taste to eat healthy, so they add another package of gouda to their cart for their homemade baked mac 'n cheese and leave the cauli on the shelf. They love to live an active life but they're still pouring their third (or fourth) cup of coffee every day and catch themselves grabbing a handful of cheddar bunnies out of the kids' stash more than they might like.

They're desperate and exhausted and they come to me, wishing and hoping I hold the key to feeling incredible, making zucchini taste better than double fudge brownies and making dinnertime feel like a walk in the park (without kids). Sorry, mama friend, I stopped searching for that key a long time ago.

But I found something better. I know something about you, mama, I do. Listen in.

You ARE a supermama.

What you do for your family? It's fueled by a super human kind of devotion to the people you love the most.

What you do for your family? It's fueled by a super human kind of devotion to the people you love the most.

You are NOT failing. There is nothing wrong with popping in a frozen pizza, making baked mac n cheese or grabbing a handful of cheddar bunnies. Trust me on this one.

But if these kind of things are keeping you from feeling like the supermama you are?

I want to help you develop your superpowers.

I want to help you make healthy eating simpler, fuel your days better, live with more energy and find more ease in feeding yourself and your family. And I want to do it, together. Join me on April 1st for my annual You ARE a Supermama mini course. It's a 30-day journey to help you develop the skills to live a healthier mama life-- no diet or restrictive plan necessary. The secret? We are ALL different, we all have our strengths and weaknesses and it is in those differences we can hone in on the things that will help us live our most super-powered life. Are you ready? Join for free:

Registration closes on March 31st.

Kristin Dovbniak


I'm Kris! Founder of Healthy Balanced Mama, I'm a holistic health coach, certified intuitive eating counselor, trained chef, and mama of two, and I'm here to guide busy moms like you in stressing less and finding freedom with food through balanced eating and simplified routines around meal planning, meal prep, grocery shopping and cooking with confidence.


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