My Favorite Kitchen Tools for Meal Prep (video)

By now, you probably know how much I love meal prepping to simplify meals, all week long. One of the things that holds many women back from meal prep is the feeling that they need a whole bunch of special tools to get prepping-- not true! I'm actually quite the minimalist in the kitchen (and in life, in general)-- so I'd rather not have a ton of gadgets and gizmos lying around. I want just the things I need, where I need them, for a more relaxed, efficient cooking experience. But I DO have some go-tos I think every meal prep mama needs in her kitchen, so in this video, I'm sharing them with you!

  1. Good quality knives (these are my favorite). Find the knife that feels good in your hand!

  2. The BEST peeler (less than $10 on Amazon!)

  3. Microplane- for garlic, ginger, citrus zest and more

  4. Bowls in varying sizes

  5. Silicone Muffin Pan

  6. Silpat Mats (nonstick baking mat)

  7. Rice Cooker- any grains you want to make

  8. Instant Pot- beans, shredded chicken, soups, stews and more

  9. Food Processor- hummus, homemade mayo, energy balls

See a full clickable list of my favorite kitchen tools here (disclaimer: this list may contain affiliate links, in which I receive a small commission for your purchase at no extra charge to you).

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