Episode 149: Freedom with Baby's Food Allergies with Michelle Beckner

Fighting for your own food freedom is an undertaking enough on it's own, but what happens when your little bundle of joy comes along and you discover they have food allergies while you're breastfeeding? Michelle Beckner dives into this and more on today's podcast episode.


Michelle Beckner is a certified Transformational Nutrition coach and ex-chemical engineer who has breastfed three babies with food sensitivities. Michelle lives in the Rocky Mountains where she loves to explore the woods, cook, and drink all the tea. She has helped hundreds of moms and babies survive and THRIVE on elimination diets while resolving symptoms such as eczema, GI issues, and reflux.

Guide for readers— 7 tips for feeling good and taking care of yourself on an elimination plan: start.mlbfamilywellness.com/HBM

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