Episode 115: Peace and Productivity with Sarah Dalton

What does it mean to live a life of peace- and productivity? What would it look like if you truly embraced living a life according to your values, if you managed your energy instead of ending every day exhausted and actually starting to ENJOY your life with your family? Sarah Dalton, founder of A Simply Big Life and the Simply Big Life planner is on this week to share with you what it looks like to embrace a simply big life- how to find peace and productivity (yes, it's possible) and start simplifying, for a bigger, better life. This one is GOLD, friends!

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About Sarah:

Sarah Dalton is the founder of A Simply Big Life, an online community that empowers women to design everyday with intention. Through her coaching programs as well as the Simply Big Life planner, she helps women to align each day with their values. Sarah’s philosophy is that we are holistic beings and when talking about productivity, it is imperative to address the whole person. From mindset shifts and energy management, to simplified systems and more, her mission is to help women stop living in survival mode and start thriving. She is also the host of Your Simply Big Life podcast where she has weekly conversations with like-minded women and offers inspiration on all things simplifying and living an intentional life. Pulling from her own life experience, Sarah is passionate about helping women learn to find their unique balance with both peace and productivity. 

Show notes: Values Clarification Exercise The Simply Big Life Planner

Connect with Sarah:

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