Episode 099: The 5 Signs of Health

If you’ve been working on your healthy living journey for a while, you might be wondering how to determine if you should make changes to what you’re doing-- or even if you should. Maybe you’ve been working on intuitive eating for a while and you’re not sure whether or not to include gentle nutrition-- or maybe something came up in your life or your health and you’re interested in exploring some health changes… friend, that is 100% ok.

There is a misconception in the intuitive eating world that making changes to our health or the way we’re eating now is somewhat un-intuitive, but the truth is-- as long as we are making changes from a place of mindfulness, from a place of intuition, there is nothing wrong with recognizing we need to make some changes, and in fact-- is an example of serving our bodies WELL in recognizing something is off and rather than ignoring, exploring some solid changes that could improve our health, wellbeing and quality of life.

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  • Navigating nutrition changes

  • Setting positive wellness goals for every season

PLUS: creating positive routines and rituals to make healthy living happen, for you and your life. Sound exactly like the no-nonsense, balanced approach you're looking for? It is!

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