Episode 091: Simply Nourished Eating for families with Kelsey Lorencz, RD

What does it mean to nourish your family simply, with a non-diet approach? On this week's episode, I'm joined by Kelsey Lorencz, Registered Dietitian and mom of two toddlers, to chat about her transition from working with disordered eating clients to focusing on helping women create a simply nourished home for their families with her new venture, Simply Nourished Home, and how she helps families nourish themselves well, no matter what kind of time or budget they're working with. She gives an abundance of practical tips for families on eating well, instilling a positive food mindset for our kids and reducing food stress as moms.

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About my guest: Kelsey Lorencz is a registered dietitian, mom of two toddlers, and author of the Simply Nourished Home blog. She had a passion for simplifying nutrition in a way that is accessible and exciting for everyone, whether you are short on time, money, or like many people- both.

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