Episode 086: Setting goals, creating change and reclaiming our Inner Pwr as moms with Emma Guilmet

How often do we, as moms, feel like we're going through the motions in life, serving our families, working if that's part of our story, but as much as we do what we feel is expected of us, or we enjoy the roles we hold- we feel unfulfilled. This week's guest, Emma, is here to help you to embrace your inner power as a mom and create change in your life- for the better.

LISTEN: Listen on iTunes | Listen on Stitcher | Listen on Google Play | Listen on Spotify About Emma:

Emma Guilmet is the founder ( and main gal) over at Inner Pwr, a personal growth platform designed to inspire and create opportunity to women of all backgrounds to go out there and conquer anything they set their mind to.

Emma is an accredited life coach, a speaker, a soon to be self-published author, but most importantly, a woman who’s been lost and  unsure of her future not too long ago.

Throughout the journey towards self awareness and personal growth she studied the mind profusely and went through rigorous mindset shifts herself in order to live life on her terms.

She implemented all the tools and skills she learned in her own life and realized she can help so many women like her by sharing her experience.

Connect with Emma:

Website + Course: https://innerpwr.com/

Instagram: @innerpwr

Connect with Kris:

Instagram: @healthymamakris

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