Episode 058: How to not go on a diet this New Year

It is the very end of the year, it’s almost time to tap those champagne glasses and welcome in a new decade… which also means it’s resolution season! I’ve been talking a lot about goals, change and habits around here, because I really want to share with you how OK and realistic it is to create goals in your life and balanced living journey, WITHOUT setting crazy unrealistic resolutions (like, ahem, dieting).  

So today, I wanted to share with you how NOT to go on a diet, this new year’s while still recognizing the importance of living a nourished, balanced life, in every area.

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Waking up each day with energy and excitement to start your day (ok, let's be real- most days!)

Not feeling stressed around food, working out or whether or not you enjoyed that extra glass of wine after the kids went to bed.

But also... 

Feeling confident in your body and the choices you make around food and movement.

Having a routine that feels just right for you and your life. 

Sleeping well, eating in a way that feels good- without having to constantly think about it.​

Feeling satisfied with your food, and actually liking the food you eat!​

Not feeling guilt or shame about saying yes to dessert, or crazy cravings when you say no.

If meal planning, ​grocery shopping and food prep became a part of of your routine... and you didn't hate it. 

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Kristin Dovbniak


I'm Kris! Founder of Healthy Balanced Mama, I'm a holistic health coach, certified intuitive eating counselor, trained chef, and mama of two, and I'm here to guide busy moms like you in stressing less and finding freedom with food through balanced eating and simplified routines around meal planning, meal prep, grocery shopping and cooking with confidence.


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