Episode 022: A non-diet approach to PCOS

I was diagnosed with PCOS three years ago, and my doctor almost entirely dismissed my diagnosis. Despite having two out of the three criteria (the necessary determination for diagnosis), the assumption was made that I was in a smaller body, and therefore could not have PCOS. Meanwhile, I was the most unhealthy I had ever been. I was exhausted, falling asleep playing with my kid, with erratic moods and zero menstrual cycle for over a year. The only advice I was given was to 'manage my blood sugar' and 'watch my carbs' and that was that.

On the flip side, many women who have PCOS are given a prescription and the instruction to simply go on a diet lose weight- whether or not they are in a larger body. But is dieting the answer to PCOS? Will losing weight really fix PCOS symptoms and What if we aren't in a larger body? Is it possible to ditch diets and still manage your PCOS? On today's episode of the Healthy Balanced Mama Podcast, I am SO thrilled to be joined by Julie Duffy Dillon, RD and PCOS expert to share a non-diet approach to PCOS.

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Find Julie:

Julie Duffy Dillion, RD Instagram: @foodpeacedietitian

Ragen Chastain: What to say at the doctor's office https://danceswithfat.org/2013/04/01/what-to-say-at-the-doctors-office/

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Julie's Interview on the Heavy Flow Podcast All about Inositol: http://juliedillonrd.com/inositol Julie's recommended Inositol Supplement (click the link above for her provider discount)

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