Episode 021: Can I eat intuitively with a chronic health condition?

A question I get asked a LOT about intuitive eating is-- “Can I eat intuitively if I have a health condition/food allergy or dietary constraints? Is it possible to make peace with food if I still have restrictions?”

The short answer: absolutely.

The longer answer? You have to make it work for YOU. Just like everyone else who is exploring intuitive eating. EVERYONE can become an intuitive eater. You don’t have to believe the lie that just because you have a specific health condition that requires you to give your food more attention than someone who doesn’t have that condition means you are stuck eating foods you don’t like, bingeing when you feel overly restricted or feeling out of touch with your body. You CAN make peace with food while still caring for your body and managing your health condition.

In today’s episode, I am sharing 4 practical tips for exploring intuitive eating with health concerns.

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Mentioned: Julie Duffy Dillion, RD

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