Episode 020: Health and Intuitive Eating are not mutually exclusive

Health-- nutrition especially, can feel a bit taboo in the non-diet, Intuitive Eating world. And, if I’m being honest, sometimes it makes me sad, and even a little angry-- that this is what our world has come to. Either we’re on a diet, or we’re eschewing healthy living completely. But friend, it shouldn’t have to be this way. On today’s episode, we’re exploring nutrition, in light of Intuitive Eating. 

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Mentioned: Episode 004: 10 Principles of Intuitive Eating

This week I just announced the launch of a project I’ve been working on for months and COULD NOT be MORE excited to share with you. The Supermama Society is a monthly membership centered around non-diet nutrition for moms. This is the place to go if you want to explore more about nutrition in an intuitive eating framework. This is a body-positive, weight-neutral space for you to be educated on the latest nutrition information without ever being pressured to count, track, restrict or go on another diet, ever again. And it’s designed for BUSY MOMS. It’s mobile friendly, and features a TON of different options to learn, from video to e-books, to audio--because we all learn differently and I want you have the opportunity to learn more about nutrition and practical ways to nourish yourself and your family, in a safe, diet-free space.

To learn more, and join head to www.supermamasociety.com

We have hit Episode 20! That calls for a Q + A, don't you think?? Submit your podcast question: https://forms.gle/adBuUZvvzgTmvumv6

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