Episode 017: Body Positivity + Intuitive Eating in the world of Sports Nutrition with Megan Medrano

In the last episode I assured you that I am NOT a natural athlete. But I AM a marathoner-- running is one of my biggest passions outside of what I do for work and my family, and the world of sports nutrition can be hugely confusing, triggering and downright negative when it comes to body positivity and the pressure to look and eat a certain way to perform better or be a better athlete. So how do we reconcile our desire to live active lives or be athletes while still eating intuitively and embracing Health at Every Size? In today's episode I had an incredible conversation with Megan Medrano, RD, LD about approaching sports nutrition from a body positive, weight neutral and intuitive eating space. This one is a must-listen for active women and women who want to live more active lives, no matter what their body size.

Find Megan: http://www.runwholenutrition.com Instagram: @runwholenutrition

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