Episode 011: BONUS! Healthy Mama on a Budget

This is new-- a BONUS episode of the Healthy Balanced Mama Podcast! I'm going to do these from time to time, with subjects you mamas ask me about often, but I might not have planned out on my regular podcast schedule. This week's first-ever bonus episode is all about BUDGETING.

Budgeting just might be my least favorite part of adulting-- I mean, wouldn’t we all love an unlimited budget to buy whatever we want? Especially in the food realm. A girl can dream… but, the kids need clothes, we need to drive our car and well, we like heat, so a budget is necessary-- and I know many of you are in a similar situation. You want to eat real food, listen to your body and appease your family’s needs, too- but there are some constraints (i.e. most of us don’t have unlimited funds). So what if you DON’T have a budget yet-- or what if you’re struggling with sticking to your budget around food? I’ve got some tips for you in this BONUS episode of the Healthy Balanced Mama Podcast. 

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