Episode 51: What every Christian woman needs to know about Intuitive Eating with Erin Todd

So, funny story: Erin and I were in the same place, at the same time and had NO idea. She contacted me after a Christian writing and speaking conference we both went to this summer, and we hit it off right away! I've never been one for small talk, so I jumped right in and asked if she'd be a guest on the podcast!

As Christian women in the Intuitive Eating space, we are both super passionate about finding our worth in God, not our bodies, perfection in our eating or exercise. Coming from a fitness coaching background, Erin's story of finding freedom with food and fitness is incredible- and I think it will be a familiar story for many of you, too. Her motto is 'Follow Jesus, not diets' and I am so honored to have her on, sharing her wisdom on Intuitive Eating from a Christian woman's perspective, and open up the conversation about Intuitive Eating from a faith perspective. Whether you share our beliefs or not, this is an incredible conversation on food and faith you'll definitely want to listen in to.

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About my guest: Erin L. Todd is a wife, dog mom, attorney-by-day and writer-by-night living in St. Petersburg, Florida. As a redhead who battled insecurity and body image issues for over 30 years, she now claims the concept of being both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously. Her blog “Ginger In Progress” was born from a spiritual awakening two years ago where Jesus set her free from diet prison and inspired her to discover the faith-fueled, freedom-filled, abundant life after dieting. She is currently writing an interactive “Anti-Diet Devotional” book to empower and equip women to Follow Jesus Not Diets.

Her blog: www.erinltodd.com Instagram Her blog post, Intuitive Eating: 10 Things Every Christian Woman Needs to Know: https://erinltodd.com/intuitive-eating-10-things-every-christian-woman-needs-to-know/

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