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Oh hey there, friend- if you haven't been following along these last few weeks, I have a *BIG* surprise for you. The Healthy Balanced Mama Podcast is coming!! (formerly named the Healthy Mama Life Podcast). In TEN days, no less! On February 4th, the Healthy Balanced Mama Podcast will officially launch, and I could not be more thrilled! I've got a series of episodes all about finding your beautiful balance-- what intuitive eating is, how to incorporate health, how to develop healthy habits, and a handful of awesome inspiring guests coming up to inspire and encourage you to live your healthiest mama life of balance and happiness around food-- and life!

Want to ask a question for the podcast, suggest a topic or a guest? Click here for the new podcast feed.

Want to listen to the new podcast trailer? Check it out, below.

So how will you know when the first episode launches??

Be sure to follow along on my email list-- I sent 2-3 emails per month with new recipes, blog posts and subscriber exclusive goodies.

I can not wait to share the content I've created, just for you-- and be able to connect with you all in a whole new way.

As always, please connect with me on Instagram + Facebook for the latest in my healthy mama life.

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