Here comes the ☀️ SUN ☀️

Doo doo doo dooo.... (anyone??) We all love the sunshine, or at least I know I do-- and those of us in the North East are DYING for some Vitamin D. But after a certain point, we do need to protect ourselves from the sun! But unfortunately, sunscreen is notoriously filled with chemicals (not good for us, OR our oceans)! So how do we choose a non-toxic sunscreen?

The Environmental Working Group comes up with a list of non-toxic sunscreens every year, with sunscreens that fit their bill for human and ocean safety (they also have a campaign going on right now to ban ALL oxybenzone, which is currently destroying our coral reefs- Hawaii has already done it!).

Our personal favorites? We are loving the Beautycounter sun sticks (the face one is PERFECT for little chunky baby arms!). The body one is like a big deodorant stick- and it doesn't melt! They're a little pricey but they last a LONG time and they're totally safe for adults and kids. (EWG 1) For trips to the park, the beach and hanging in the grass, a spray sunscreen is the easiest we have found-- we like Goddess Garden (it does go on white, be forewarned!--- EWG 3). We have also used and like Kiss My Face Organics.

For young babies' faces specifically (especially with sensitive skin), we have always loved Badger and Thinkbaby (both EWG 1) Check out the whole list: Of course physical protection is always important, too- we love a good sun hat! We just picked up this adorable one for Wren at Target (can you beat $8 for UPF 50?!) Sage likes this one.

BEAUTYCOUNTER SAFER SUNCARE DEAL: I joined the Beautycounter Mission to help their mission to get safer products into the hands of EVERYONE. Now through June 30th, when you make a purchase of $75 or more (with me as your consultant) I will send you a *FREE* mini sun stick! Perfect for little rolls and mama faces. Need a free skincare consult? Join my safer skincare list and select "yes!" (online or in-person!). Ready to shop? SHOP NOW

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