It's official! The 2018 Healthy Mama Life Super Smoothie Challenge is open! Starting July 1st you'll have the opportunity to join an incredible group of women changing their health for the better starting with one SUPER simple, 5-minute switch a day: drinking the healthy mama super smoothie formula. You'll also have the chance to win a TON of awesome prizes and get to connect with hundreds of other mamas motivated to change their health in a simplified way, too. All you have to do is commit to drinking one green smoothie a day for 30 days. Are you in?? Click below to sign up with your name and email (that's it!):

Don't know what in the world the Healthy Mama Super Smoothie is? Read on... The Healthy Mama Super Smoothie is our fancy name for a not-so-fancy simple green smoothie formula that will help you create one EASY blender meal to fill you up, balance your blood sugar and give you ENERGY in your crazy mama life. It's one simple 5-minute switch to a healthier mama life. It's based on a formula I created back in 2015 (read the story here) and it completely changed my world. When I introduced it to my clients, they LOVED the simplicity of following a formula and were blown away by having a meal ready in 5 minutes that actually kept them full (unlike a lot of other smoothie recipes out there). And thus, the Healthy Mama Super Smoothie was born. The formula is simple: fruit (optional), veggie, protein, healthy fat, liquid and superfoods/extras if you want (totally optional). Exactly how you create your perfect smoothie formula is up to you (of course, I'll give you some guidance!) By signing up for the HML Smoothie Challenge, you'll get: ✔️ our super simple 5-ingredient super smoothie formula + a FREE 20-page Super Smoothie E-book

✔️ daily challenge calendar to keep you on track

✔️ Try up to 20 different delicious Super Smoothie recipes to find the ones you and your family love

✔️ emails throughout with tips and tricks for incorporating super smoothies in your daily life

✔️ access to our private Facebook community for support and motivation along the way

✔️ improve your health with ONE 5-minute meal a day

✔️ a chance to win a super smoothie prize pack from our awesome HML sponsors ​

All that, 100% free friends!! Now go ahead and share this with YOUR friends to get some accountability on your super smoothie journey! Don't forget to join us on social media with the hashtag #HMLSMOOTHIECHALLENGE (this is how you'll be entered to win prizes, too!). JOIN NOW:

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