The Healthy Mama Balanced Plate

Nearly three years ago, I released Clean Lean Mama to the world. It was more than the first program I ever wrote. It was a journey I took into learning what really, truly worked for me- and not just me, but my clients, as well. It was the point where I threw away the prescriptive plans and one-size-fits-all mentality and focused on how real food and eating for YOUR unique body could drastically change the way you eat, feel and live. Based on the science of bioindividuality, It was a revelation- for myself and hundreds of women who have taken the program and succeeded in changing their nutrition, one simple step at a time. One of the first things I developed, through my training with Precision Nutrition, was the Healthy Mama Balanced Plate. This is the place I start every single mama I work with, whether online through the Clean Lean Mama or Healthy Mama Meal Prep programs, or one-on-one. It's not a prescription, but a template-- the starting place to creating a plate that works for you, no matter where you are in the world; whether you're at home, at a friend's party, a 5-star restaurant or the side of a mountain (or at a friend's party in their home on the side of a mountain).

There is no one-size-fits-all, but we all need a starting place, and I am adamant that it doesn't need to include food scales, measuring cups or My Fitness Pal. All you need to start creating balance in your nutrition is the simple knowledge of the three major super nutrients, as we like to call them (protein, carbohydrates and fat) and one tool I promise you already have: your hand.

Your hand is in proportion to your body (Take a look at your husband's hand, and then your five year old's-- they're pretty different, right? They need different serving sizes based on their bodies, just like you and your best friend do). By using your hand as a guide, you can start to judge portions based on your body, choosing one serving from each nutrient category at each meal, and then tweak from there. Bonus: you don't need any special measuring tools to do it.

The balanced plate does three main things: 1. First and foremost, it balances our BLOOD SUGAR which is KEY to reducing risk of chronic disease (heart disease, diabetes, dementia and more), staying lean, FULL and having ENERGY on a daily basis.

2. It ensures our bodies are getting what they need on a baseline level. I see SO many mamas not getting enough protein and healthy fats and getting way too many carbs and wondering why they're crashing at 11am and 3pm. Balance your plate.

3. It gives us a simple template for wholesome meals for the WHOLE family. Whether it's a mixed meal like a stew or casserole or your typical protein-veggie-starch meal, you have a place to go off of with the balanced plate.

It's important to note what the balanced plate ISN'T. The balanced plate ISN'T a prescription for health. What the balanced plate WILL do is help you find more balance in the foods you eat to live a healthier mama life. Simple as that. Your lifestyle and individual dietary needs all come into play when it comes to overall health. The balanced plate ISN'T a be-all-end-all. It is a starting place. A jumping off point to finding YOUR perfectly balanced plate. For some, the balanced plate IS this. But for some, it is not. Some of us need more of one nutrient than the other. Some of us need more of everything. This is where you START. The balanced place ISN'T a diet. It is not an "eat only this amount of food at each meal forever". It's a TOOL to help you find BALANCE in the overall meals you are eating, to LEARN what a balanced place looks like, so you can create one no matter WHERE you are in the world- at home, at a restaurant, at a friend's house, on the side of a mountain-- you name it. The balanced plate ISN'T going to 'work' for everyone. Yes, EVERYONE will benefit from learning the balanced plate and starting here. But, like I said above-- it's a STARTING point. Work on balancing your plate-- and your blood sugar-- for a week, or maybe two. If you've been eating out of balance, chances are, you'll see some really big changes right away. If you're already fairly balanced, you might not. Individualizing YOUR plate is where the rubber meets the road. Start here, and tweak from there. There is NO one size fits all, when it comes to nutrition. What I am here to do is provide you with the TOOLS and RESOURCES to find YOUR beautiful balance, each and every day.

Whether you're paleo, vegetarian or somewhere in between- Clean Lean Mama WORKS, because it ISN'T a diet, it's a mindset shift (with recipes!). I created it to help YOU, mama, ditch the diet dogma (for good) and eat in a way that works for YOU, nourishing your body with real food and balance, not restriction. Three weeks to a healthier mama life (for life).

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This program is the basis for all that I do-- teaching mamas to treat their bodies well because they love their bodies, eating mindfully, but also in a way that is nourishing from the inside out. Find your beautiful balance with Clean Lean Mama.

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