Free Printable: Super Smoothie Shopping List

I've shared more than once how much of a game changer the super smoothie has been for my nutrition, and that of my clients. The beauty of it is there are hundreds of different combinations you can try to create your favorite blend! All you need is a fruit (optional), veggie, healthy fat, protein and a liquid base- add some superfoods for an added boost, if you'd like. No expensive meal replacements or gimmicky supplements needed. Just real, whole food, blended into a delicious, five-minute meal.

I think they're so important they're one of the five pillars of the Supermama life- so we're going to spend a whole week digging into why I love them so much and how to make them work for you (including how to make them more filling, how to adjust them to your body type, how to make the texture, flavor etc work for you-- and so much more!) in You ARE a Supermama, my free mini course to help you energize your Healthy Mama Life this spring, starting on April 2.

That's why I want to share with you a simple tool to help you get started creating your favorite super smoothie blend, today- my printable PDF Super Smoothie Shopping List with some of my favorite ingredients so you can head to the store, stock up and start mixing and matching before we even begin. Grab it by joining us for You ARE a Supermama on April 2! What do you have to lose in living a healthier, more energized mama life??

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