Recipe: Winter Chopped Salad

Just because it's the winter time doesn't mean salads need to go out of the window! Sure, summer season ingredients like tomatoes and leaf lettuce are on the pricier side this time of the year- but there are still plenty of delicious, seasonal produce options for a hearty salad full of vitamins, minerals and fiber without the added cost of having to ship ingredients from halfway across the world. It's good to have a mix of both raw and cooked veggies in your diet to get all the benefits of different digestive enzymes, plus, ingredients this time of the year are just heartier-- if it can stand the cold, it tends to hold up well in a hearty salad!

I love this mix of ingredients, the strong kale with the semi-sweet red cabbage and carrot, the tangy green onion, along with the sweet and savory thick creamy tahini dressing- the perfect dressing to hold up and soften up such a hearty blend of veg. Add some lightly toasted almonds and sweet and sour dried cranberries for a salad that makes a delicious lunch, or even dinner topped with a filling protein, even in the dead of winter.

Winter Chopped Salad

Makes about 3 meal-sized servings or 4 sides

1 cup roughly chopped broccoli stalks or celery 1 cup roughly chopped carrots 1 cup roughly chopped red cabbage 2 cups chopped kale 2 green onions 1/4 cup dried cranberries 1/4 cup chopped toasted almonds (toast in a dry pan or 325 degree oven, watching closely and tossing often, until golden) Citrus Tahini Dressing: 1/4 cup tahini 2 tbsp avocado or olive oil 3-4 tbsp fresh squeezed orange juice 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar 1/4 tsp coriander sea salt to taste optional: 1-2 tsp honey for sweetness water, as needed to thin


1. In a food processor, pulse broccoli stalks, carrots, red cabbage, kale and green onions. Mix well in a large bowl.

2. Just before you are ready to serve, toss well with citrus tahini dressing and top with cranberries and toasted almonds. Keeps well, undressed, for 3-4 days.


1. In a blender or small bowl, combine tahini, oil, orange juice and cider vinegar. Whisk or blend well. Whisk in coriander and season with sea salt.

2. Add water as needed to thin. Taste for seasoning, adding in honey if desired.

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