Bumpdate: 32 Weeks

Well hello! Somehow I completely missed 30 weeks and here we are, at 32. Time sure does fly (when you're pregnant the second time!). These past 4 weeks sure have been eventful, though not too much in the pregnancy realm. Here's what's been up, the last 4 weeks of my second pregnancy:

Growing Slowly At my 28-week appointment, I saw a new doc in the practice as my midwife was away, and he was a little concerned at my lack of growth (I had only gained 1/2 lb and baby was measuring a bit small). Now, let me remind you I am only 5 feet tall and my husband is only 5'7-- we're not big people, and neither of us was over 6 pounds at birth. So we went in for an ultrasound, and sure enough- all was well, baby girl was just measuring on the smaller side (31st percentile-- 50 is average) but nothing of concern. When I saw my midwife two weeks later, I was still measuring a couple weeks behind but she said she wasn't concerned. Lo and behold- another 2 weeks later and baby girl had a growth spurt! She jumped 3 weeks in 2 and is measuring right on track now. Just like they do on the outside, babies grow in spurts on the inside sometimes, too.

Everything else seems to be on track- my blood pressure is staying steady (it was a big concern around this time, last go around) and I'm feeling pretty good overall. Since I stopped jumping and running, I've had no pelvic pain to speak of, and I've been able to keep up with walking 30-60 minutes 3x a week as well as strength and yoga 3x a week.

Moving on Up

At 30 weeks, we moved from our little apartment to a bigger space, with much more room for 2 kiddos (not to mention more room for 2 adults!), an extra bathroom and we could not be happier, despite the stress and exhaustion of moving! Just this past week we got the crib up and Sage's big girl bed installed-- talk about it getting real! Speaking of feeling real...

Getting Real

Things really started getting real when we got a tour of our incredible hospital at 31 weeks; we discussed our plans for a low-intervention birth and were pleasantly surprised to hear many of our requests (like delayed cord clamping and immediate skin to skin) are standard at our baby-friendly hospital. They even practice gentle cesareans, in the case that were to be necessary. Speaking of... have I mentioned baby girl is breech? Yeah, I'm trying not to think too much about it. She still has a month to flip, and I'm doing daily exercises to encourage movement, with plans to see a chiropractor in the next couple of weeks, as well. Baby will flip if she (hopefully!) wants to flip!


For baby, getting back on track with growth, for sure-- and hitting the big 32 week mark, which is another big viability milestone. Of all premature babies being born during this week, 98% survive-- and, we've hit the single-digit weeks! 8 weeks, give or take... we'll have our baby bird in our arms, in no time.

Current Bumpdate: ❊ How Far Along – 32 weeks ❊ Baby Size Comparison – Jicama (16-17", 3-3.5 lbs) ❊ Baby Gender- GIRL ❤️ ❊ Baby Nicknames- Baby Bird, Baby Sis, Sissy (Sage) ❊ Baby Name- Wren Abigail ❊ Symptoms – Oh mylanta the HEARTBURN. All morning long. Not sleeping awesome, some back pain. The usual! ❊ Physical Changes – A big ol' belly! Still feeling good and energized, overall. ❊ Mood – Tired, but good! ❊ Food Cravings – Not many to speak of. Food doesn't seem as appealing with less room, in here! ❊ Food Aversions – Everything?? haha. Not a huge appetite, these days. ❊ Fitness- 5-6 days of walking, strength and yoga. ❊ Looking Forward To – Holding this sweet baby! I can't believe we're counting down the last couple months! p.s. These gorgeous maternity shots were taken by my talented sister, Alison! If you're in the area- check her out! https://www.alisonruggphotography.com/

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