Daily + Weekly Routines for my healthy mama life

Last week I shared about the importance of routine in living a healthy mama life. So today I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite routines (pregnant, or not!) that make my life all the healthier.

Daily Routines:


I start each day the same way: I start by making sure to nourish my skin with my simple natural skincare routine (cleanser or scrub, rosewater toner and argan oil), brush my teeth and head to the kitchen for my daily matcha latte. The combination changes, but lately I've been enjoying keeping it simple, with collagen peptides (for skin, hair, nail and digestive health), MCT oil (for brain health) and vanilla stevia for a hint of sweetness. I sit down with my bible and journal for some prayer and devotional time (crucial soul care!). Then, mornings my husband is home and is able to get my daughter ready for school, I'll go for a walk or do a quick yoga session. Otherwise, I'll save it until later-- but I much prefer starting my day with movement! Then, it's super smoothie time! Most mornings I make up a big green smoothie to serve as my breakfast and post-workout. It's nutrient-packed and it holds me all morning, through preschool drop off, client meetings, and any errands I need to run. My morning routine is THE most important for getting my day off to a healthy start!


If I have clients first thing, I'll shower before I leave and won't come home until the afternoon, when I have lunch and get some computer work or errands done before I have to pick up Sage. If not, I'll come home and do an at-home strength or pilates workout (or go on a run or walk if the weather is nice!). Meal prepping and having healthy snacks always on hand, for myself and my daughter, means I am nourished throughout the day, even on the busiest of days! I also drink water throughout the day-- key to maintaining balance.


After school pick-up and some relaxing family time, I'll prepare dinner, which most nights is incredibly simple if I've meal prepped, that week! I like to cook up a big batch of protein and use it in multiple meals- like the chicken quinoa fajita casserole, pictured! I've really been making an effort to finish my evening off by reading and/or taking a warm bath with epsom salts and essential oils, instead of browsing Facebook or falling asleep in front of the TV. It's always a work in progress! My husband and I will tag team dinner clean up as he gets Sage to bed-- I rest so much better with a tidy house-- then it's my bedtime routine- some stretching, my night time skin care routine, a simple snack and tea (lately it's been red raspberry tea, as I'm in my third trimester of pregnancy!) and reading before I nod off to sleep.

I notice if I don't stick to a similar nighttime routine, my energy drags and I am not as productive the next day!

Weekly Routines:

Just as important as my daily routines are the weekly routines that make my mama life that much healthier. Meal planning, grocery shopping and meal prep are KEY to making weeknights go smoothly, and taking at least one day off to simply hang out with my family- no work allowed, gives me that essential relax time I need to feel refreshed for the start of a new week. Self care time is a bonus-- but some of my favorites are solo time to go get a massage or a pedicure, or just grab a green tea latte at Starbucks and read! I wish that could happen weekly, but at least every other week gives me that time I need to refresh and be the best mommy and wife I can be. None of these things I do on a daily and weekly basis are rocket science- they're simply healthy habits I've developed that keep my life balanced, my energy high and my family healthy. We're all different and have different needs to feel our best-- so I encourage each of you to find those habits that make the most difference, in your life. And once those habits stick, they turn into routines that create that healthy mama life we all desire.

Do you have favorite routines that make your life healthier? Don't forget to join us in the Healthy Mama Life Facebook Community for this month's free Back to Balance challenge!

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