Back to School: 5+ Favorite Packaged Kids Snacks

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I know, I know- packaged snacks are not necessarily the most eco-friendly option; not to mention they're usually not the healthiest choice. I assure you, we do our best to avoid packaging when we can. But healthy packaged snacks ARE possible, and they're a necessary convenience for many busy moms, including myself! I like to have a variety of healthy options always on hand for my kiddo, so I thought I would share a few of our favorites.

1. Vermont Minis meat sticks I love [minimally processed] meat sticks for a quick hit of protein on-the-go. They're filling, packed with protein and healthy fats- and delicious. We recently discovered the mini sizes, which are perfect for lunch boxes (we also love The New Primal!).

2. Clean bars: Trader Joes fruit bars, Rx Kids bars (found at Target!) and Mini Larabars. My little is only three-- if yours is older, they might do fine with the larger size bars, but my kiddo rarely finishes a full-size bar, so the minis are perfect! We like to keep bar ingredients as simple and clean as possible. These three are nearly all fruit, nuts and maybe a couple fun extras (like egg whites in the Rx bars or chocolate chips in the Larabars)- but real food based, always! 3. Seaweed snacks. Looking for a crunchy, slightly salty snack that isn't pretzels (ok, we like those on occasion, too)? Seaweed snacks are the way to go! These are PACKED with minerals, and that crispy, salty, satisfying savory taste. We like Trader Joes and Sea Snax (we also LOVE their Chomperz!). 4. Smart Crackers. As far as kids crackers go, these are one of our favorites for both flavor, and ingredients (cheddar chia!). They're not gluten-free (scroll down for a couple GF favorites), but they're clean as a whistle and I love the superfood additions they add like chia, carrots and sweet potato.

5. Dried fruit bites:

KIND recently reached out to me and asked if we would like to try their new kid-focused snack, KIND fruit bites. I love finding new, healthy snacks for Sage's preschool lunch snacks, so we told them sure- we'd give them a try! To say Sage was excited was an understatement. Minutes after receiving our package in the mail, the first baggie was ripped open- and devoured. And the best part? These are 100% nutritionist mama approved- the ONLY ingredients? Fruit, fruit and fruit. You can't find a cleaner snack!

A few more clean kids snack favorites? Plantain Chips Snap Pea Crisps

Applesauce and Fruit squeezes

Jilz Crackers Simple Mills Crackers

Annie's Cheddar Bunnies Hemp Heart Bites

Super Cookies

Trail mix, nuts and nut butter (if your kiddos' school allows)

Do you have a favorite healthy packaged kids snack? Share with us in the comments or on social media!

Our favorite source for many of the above-mentioned packaged snacks (and more) at a huge discount is Thrive Market. Get 15% off your first order using our link:

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