Bumpdate: 24 Weeks

For the first time in a while, I feel like not much has happened, in the past 4 weeks! Well, that's not true- a LOT has happened, but not too much, on the bump front (aside from lots and lots of growing!). At six months along, I'm still feeling pretty darn good, which I am incredibly grateful for. Keeping up client meetings, cooking classes and MOPS coordinating, as well as running (or swimming!) after a 3-year old most days, I'm staying busy and I know that's been helpful to my overall wellbeing, this pregnancy.

Travel Talk In weeks 20-24, I traveled- twice. First, we took our first family vacation (and last, just the three of us!) and spent three wonderfully relaxing days in Cape Cod, hanging on the beach, eating all the seafood we could get our hands on, fishing, playing mini golf, and scouting out the best local salt water taffy. It was a ton of fun, and I only had to stop ONCE on the 2-hour road trip (pregnancy win!).

Then, at 23 weeks I jetted off to Toronto to spend my annual weekend with my best friend, Jen, which was the best, most relaxing weekend I could have asked for. The 1.5 hour plane ride was a breeze, and with the help of a lot of water, with some added electrolytes, no swelling to speak of. Thank goodness! In between, with the HEAT (finally!) we spent lots of family time at the pool, playdates at the splash pad and the beach and just enjoying our coastal home.

Fit Mama

My only real complaint is that baby girl has settled low, low, low. I often feel like she's just chilling with my pelvis as a hammock, so round ligament pain has been a real thing. I slowed down on the running a bit, to twice-weekly 3-mile runs instead of my usual 2-3, 3-5 milers, though I have kept up my strength, yoga, pilates and walking, which has felt good. And finally, at 24 weeks I caved an bought a belly band. GAME CHANGER, mamas! More on pregnant running, soon, but those 4-5 miles feel MUCH better now that my lower belly is supported. Woo hoo! And, my biggest accomplishment this month- my husband and I walked 10 miles, last Friday! It's my favorite local race I do every year, and since running long distances doesn't feel great, I walked it, instead- and it was so great to have him by my side!

Milestones We hit 6 months! Baby has a 50% chance of survival if she were born today, which is huge. The 30th was my 28th birthday, and we celebrated with a picnic at the polo match! Other than that, not much to report- life is pretty good.

Current Bumpdate: ❊ How Far Along – 24 weeks (well, 25 as of this week!) ❊ Baby Size Comparison – Ear of corn (12-14 inches, 1- 1 1/2 lbs) ❊ Baby Gender- GIRL ❤️ ❊ Baby Nicknames- Baby Bird, Baby Sister, Birdie (Sage) ❊ Baby Name- Wren Abigail ❊ Symptoms – Round ligament pain, HEARTBURN. ugh! ❊ Physical Changes – Lots of growth in the belly! ❊ Mood – Feeling good! ❊ Food Cravings – Seafood. Gimme it all!! ❊ Food Aversions – Still not loving the smell of coffee. ❊ Fitness- Couple runs a week, strength, pilates or yoga 3x a week. 1 full rest day. ❊ Looking Forward To – My baby shower later this month, and our MOPS retreat! Moving in September and starting to gather decorations for the girls' room.

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