You've got your groceries. You're ready to meal prep. Now what?

The biggest hurdle most mamas face when it comes to meal prep? The daunting feeling of where to start? Now I gave you my 5 essential components of meal prep- these are an awesome place to start in planning your meals and your prep. But you have your groceries. You're home from the store... now what? Where do you start with your meal prep?

Enjoy this exclusive sneak peek of Healthy Mama Meal Prep, launching MONDAY, May 22.

Healthy Mama Meal Prep is a self-paced online video course, consisting of 5 modules including over 20 videos teaching you the basics and beyond of how to meal plan and meal prep your way to a healthier life. You'll learn:

-the three types of meal prep because there is no one size fits all

-how to master meal planning for YOUR family

-the three steps to meal prepping quickly and efficiently

-how to create a grocery list based on your meals and budget

-how to organize your meal prep to save time in the kitchen

-how to create a balanced meal for everyone in your family

-quick, and simple breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks

and so, so much more.

Did I mention there are 14 bonus cooking demo videos, as well as lesson guides to go with each video lesson, over 50 pages of printable resources and 60+ real food recipes.

Yes mama, this is exactly what you need to serve yourself and your family healthy, nourishing meals on a daily basis- without pulling your hair out or giving up and piling the kids in the car for the drive through, again.

Join the email list today for an exclusive launch-day discount!

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