Overwhelmed by your grocery list? Anxious about your meal plan? Introducing: Healthy Mama Meal Prep

Are you overwhelmed by your grocery list? Anxious about your meal plan? Do you want to feed yourself and your family real, whole foods but you just don't know how to make it work with your busy schedule?

I created Healthy Mama Meal Prep because 5 years ago, I was right where you are. Though I had been in the nutrition field for years, working as a natural foods chef in Toronto meant long hours, and a long commute. I would wake up at the crack of dawn, throw together what I could for breakfast, and spend 8 or 9 hours cooking and prepping healthy meals for families- grabbing lunch as I could, usually a little bit of this and a little bit of that, packing up and heading for an hour plus commute, finally arriving home, exhausted.

Not being much of a cook, my husband wasn't much help and we ended up grabbing what we could for dinner- sometimes leftovers from the weekend, but often takeout- 3, 4, sometimes even 5 times a week. I spent my days helping other people get healthy, and here I was, worn down, eating sub-par restaurant food. My energy, enthusiasm- and waistline, suffered. When I became pregnant I was 20 pounds overweight- and after a complicated pregnancy and delivery, I knew something had to change.

I had the knowledge. Now I needed to put it into action. Here I was, spending hours on end cooking healthy food for OTHER people to have healthy dinners- why couldn't I do the same for myself? So I started taking my kitchen skills and pairing them with my nutrition knowledge, planning ahead and personal cheffing- this time, for myself, but instead of spending 8 or 9 hours in the kitchen, I would spend 2 or 3, every Sunday, getting our meals ready for the week. With a busy husband who's gone often and an active toddler at my feet, I managed to gain my energy, my fitness, my health- and my LIFE back- by planning ahead and making healthy living EASY for myself, and my family.

But you don't have to be a personal chef to use the simple system I've developed to simplify your meals. I've helped hundreds of women in person and online change the dinner game by learning how to meal plan and prep efficiently, for quick, healthy meals that are budget and time-friendly. There is NO quick fix for living a healthier life. But there are simple strategies to make healthy living work for your life. Welcome, to Healthy Mama Meal Prep. Launching on May 22, Healthy Mama Meal Prep is a self-paced online course designed to teach you how to meal plan and meal prep your way to a healthier life. With 5 modules consisting of over 20 video lessons, complete with lesson guides, a 7-day sample meal plan, shopping list and meal prep plan and over 50 pages of resources including food storage, cooking time sheets, grocery store navigation and more- as well as 14 bonus cooking demos and over 50 real food recipes, Healthy Mama Meal Prep is guaranteed to help you learn to meal prep like a pro- no matter what your kitchen or nutrition skills are. Watch the video below, for more!

Get on the list, today! http://www.healthymamakris.com/mealprep

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I'm Kris! Founder of Healthy Balanced Mama, I'm a holistic health coach, certified intuitive eating counselor, trained chef, and mama of two, and I'm here to guide busy moms like you in stressing less and finding freedom with food through balanced eating and simplified routines around meal planning, meal prep, grocery shopping and cooking with confidence.


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