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Healthy Mama Meal Prep is re-launching Fall 2020.

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there is no one size fits all nutrition solution- there shouldn't be a one-size fits all approach to meal prep.


If you wish there was a solution for getting meals on the table without the stress (or calling for takeout, for the third time this week)...


If you've ever tried meal prepping and quit- because it just didn't feel worth the time...

Healthy Mama Meal Prep is here to simplify meal planning and meal prep to work for YOUR unique life and get delicious, nourishing meals on the table in no time.

Prepping ahead should make your life easier- not harder. There is a simpler way.

learn the three-style approach to meal prep in a way that works for your life and your family.

Created by a former personal chef, holistic health coach and mama of two, Healthy Mama Meal Prep teaches you to create your own convenience to get meals on the table without the stress.

Healthy Mama Meal Prep is re-launching Fall 2020.

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Plan, Prep and Cook like a pro.

  • 5 modules: over 20 instructional videos (plus audio option to listen on the go)

    • Meal Prep Basics

    • Meal Planning

    • Meal Prep Magic (prep with efficiency + simplicity)

    • Simplified Nutrition 101

    • Get your Cook on (cooking basics, sample prep videos + more)

  • Learn to plan + prep without the stress

  • 3-style format: find the style that works best for you (no more spending hours in the kitchen on the weekend if you don't want to)

  • BRAND NEW Cooking Basics section: learn the basics of being an efficient home chef with knife skills, seasoning tips, the elements of flavor, cooking techniques and more

  • 20+ bonus cooking demo videos

  • Over 50 pages of worksheets including:

    • meal planning, grocery list and meal prep planner templates

    • fridge, freezer and pantry inventory sheets

    • food storage chart

    • cooking times chart 

    • grain, bean, meat and veggie cooking guides

  • Over 70 prep-ready and family-friendly real food recipes