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meal prep

There is no one-size-fits-all nutrition solution- there shouldn't be for meal prep, either! This is meal prep, designed for YOUR busy mama life.

I wish we didn't order so much takeout, but I just don't have time to cook.

I feel like I only eat healthy food when I'm on a diet and have a plan-

but I want to get off the diet cycle!

I've tried meal planning, but I never stick to the plan.

Meal prep sounds great, but I just don't have the time.

I LOVE food and I love variety- meal prep sounds too boring.

Do any of these sound like you?

I feel you, mama.

I used to associate meal prep with dieting. You know, those tiny tupperware containers filled with steamed broccoli and boiled chicken? Been there- and that's not the healthy mama life I want to live! I believe in a life of balance and food that satisfies and nourishes your body and soul. I also believe living a healthy mama life and honoring our bodies

shouldn't feel hard.

Creating routines doesn't need to feel restrictive- in fact, it can be freeing to know listening to your body doesn't need to mean throwing caution to the wind. With a little planning, a dose of prep, and a whole lot of flexibility, flexible meal prep can the the solution you're looking for to bring EASE to your everyday meals. 


I'm Kris! I'm a holistic health coach, a trained chef, and a mama of two. But I wasn't always this healthy. When I was working as a personal chef in a big city I lived off of coffee and takeout. I was spending my days creating convenience for other people- and meanwhile, I felt awful. I was always tired, my digestion was a wreck, and I wasn't living the healthy life I had spent so many years learning about in nutrition school- or cooking myself any of the delicious meals I had learned to create in culinary school. I knew something needed to change- we wanted to start a family and we wanted to live a healthier life, without the on-again, off-again cycle of dieting.

What worked? Creating our OWN convenience food, through flexible, foodie-centric meal planning and meal prep that makes delicious, healthy meals happen for us, each and every day.

Now, as a mama of two, this is what I know: just like there is no one size fits all nutrition solution- there shouldn't be a one-size fits all approach to meal prep.

That's why I share my signature three-style meal prep method to help you learn to prep in a way that fits your life and your personality. You can prep all your meals for the week or just chop a few veggies to give yourself a head start. If you're ready to take back your evenings and create your OWN convenience, Healthy Mama Meal Prep is here for you!